Maintenance Services

The largest, most complete water care maintenance programs anywhere

At Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa we have become known for experienced, capable and reliable customer service. In 1981 a conscious decision was made to develop the best customer service department to back the products our client’s purchased. Our customer service department provides technical repair services and water care maintenance services with a dedicated roster of 25 professionals.



Route Service

Our route service technicians are experts in diagnosing problems and providing prompt and efficient repairs. They are backed by Maximum Comfort’s large, well stocked warehouse of replacement parts and equipment to make needed repairs.  Our route service technicians and programs have become widely known, respected and requested.

  • weekly, bi-weekly and monthly programs
  • best water care experience for your spa or swimming pool
  • detailed log of visits and services performed
  • ensure quality water care and an efficient operating system

Problem Solving Technicians

Quality, professional repairs are provided by well trained and experienced technicians. Our senior service technicians each have more than 25 years of industry experience and factory service training from many sources throughout the industry.