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3 Reasons a Sauna Will Take Your Master Bath to the Next Level

Think you don’t have room for a sauna? Add one to your master bathroom! It may require less space than you’re expecting, plus it will turn your master bath into the luxurious spa retreat you’ve been dreaming of. Here are 3 reasons to take the plunge and install a Finnleo® Sauna in YOUR home.

Finnleo Saunas Come in a Huge Array of Sizes

In fact, we offer such a wide range of Finnleo models, we almost certainly have a sauna that can fit into your space. We carry small, closet-sized models all the way up to full-size outdoor sauna rooms. If you have a good size master bathroom, we’ve probably got a sauna that will fit. And if you’ve got a small master bath? Well, in that case, we’ve got a Finnleo Sauna that will take your home gym, basement, sunroom, or backyard to the next level, instead!

There’s a Sauna to Fit Every Style

What’s the style of your master bathroom? Sleek and modern? Spa-inspired? Mountain? We’ve got a sauna to complement that! If you browse our selection, you’ll find warm, Nordic White Spruce with a rustic styling to modern-looking saunas constructed of pale Canadian Hemlock with minimalistic full glass fronts. With so many options, it’s easy for us to help you find the perfect sauna to enhance the vibe you’re after. 

So Many Health Benefits

You may be interested in owning a sauna because you love how relaxed and rejuvenated you feel after you use the sauna at the spa or gym. But did you know that when you’re sauna bathing, you’re doing something really good for your health, too? Here are just a few of our favorite sauna health benefits:

Who knew that sitting back and relaxing in a sauna could boost your health in so many ways! The key with most of these benefits is that the more frequently you use a sauna, the more benefits it provides. A single visit to the gym’s sauna isn’t going to do much to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. However, studies have shown that frequent sauna baths do make an impact. Even more reason to bring home your own private Finnleo Sauna! If you’d like to learn more about our selection of saunas, stop by either of our locations and we’ll help you find the model to make your spa-like, dream master bath a reality.