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3 Things to Consider Before You Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Now that spring is upon us, have you found yourself dreaming about having the ultimate outdoor kitchen? It’s easy to conjure up visualizations of cooking a delectable meal in your fabulous kitchen while everyone enjoys your backyard. Before your dream becomes a reality, you need to examine some factors to ensure your new outdoor kitchen fits perfectly in your backyard and with the rest of your home. 

1. Outdoor Kitchen Costs

One of the biggest questions you’ll have as you begin your design process is more than likely the cost. The answer may be entirely up to you and your wants and needs. If you want a basic outdoor kitchen with just the essentials, it will probably land in the $2,000 range. If you desire a more sophisticated type of kitchen with top-notch equipment, then you may see costs as high as $20,000 and even beyond.

Don’t forget the electrical and plumbing! You will also need to consider these utility installations and factor in the costs for the electric, gas, and water lines in your budget.

2. A Long or Short Wishlist?

Now that you have thought about costs, what features can stay on your wishlist? What needs to be eliminated? What do you want to do in your kitchen? Grill and wash dishes? Store cold drinks in a mini fridge? 

Consider adding the following to your outdoor kitchen plan: 

  • Grill
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Refrigerator
  • Ice maker
  • Sink

Some people even add a big screen TV or surround sound!

3. Grillers, Light Your Fires!

What type of grill lights up your fire? Perhaps seek out the advice of friends with outdoor kitchens to understand what is essential to make your outdoor kitchen the most functional and enjoyable. There are many grill options to consider and everyone is full of opinions. At Maximum Comfort, you’ll find a one-stop shop to fulfill your grilling needs, from our selection of WeberⓇ grills to our variety of Lynx grills. You’ll easily find a grill that fits your cooking style and experience level, whether you’re just now getting into the grilling game, or you’re a bona fide expert. 

Your Backyard Blueprint

Take a few minutes to conceptualize your outdoor kitchen, plus add functional outdoor furniture. Does your backyard have a large patio or deck to house an outdoor kitchen? An outdoor kitchen will take careful, meticulous planning. After all, you will need a comfortable and well-lit area for your guests to socialize and eat your yummy food.

Consider all the various design options to make sure it all fits perfectly like a puzzle. Remember your water and gas lines — know their locations as well. Suppose a sink or an ice maker are non-negotiable on your list. In that case, you will need an excellent plumber to ensure the proper protection of this equipment in varying temperatures and weather changes.

Find the Perfect Grill and Accessories with Maximum Comfort

The cooking equipment is the star of any outdoor kitchen, so when it comes to finding the perfect grill, look no further than Maximum Comfort. Contact us today and come check out what we have in the showroom and take the first steps towards your dream outdoor kitchen.