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3 Tips for Using Your Spa During Cold Weather

Towel – check!

Sandals – check!

Robe – check!

Knit hat – check?

Hot tubbing in the cold season can require a slightly different approach. And, yes, that includes wearing a knit or cold weather hat while you soak. Sounds a little odd, we know. But we’ll explain with these three tips for using your spa during cold weather.

Tip #1 – Keep your spa at the right temperature

You probably know your hot tub water should never exceed 104. When it’s cold outside, it can be tempting to turn it higher to combat the chilly air temperatures. Don’t. With your head and neck above water in the cooler air, it can confuse your “internal thermometer.” There’s a good chance you’ll end up hotter than you realize, perhaps even crossing over into dangerous territory.

Instead, play it safe. Turn the thermostat down to 100 degrees (yes, really!), and consider limiting your soaking time to 15 minutes. And, wear that winter hat. It will help regulate your body temperature so you don’t become overheated.

Tip #2 – Remove the cover carefully

Chances are, your hot tub lid will frequently be covered with snow. You’ll want to carefully remove as much snow and ice as possible from the top before taking the lid off of your spa. Otherwise, you could end up with the icy cold mess in your clean, hot water. And that’s definitely a situation you want to avoid!

Tip #3 – Create an exit strategy

Any other time of year, you leisurely get out of your hot tub, dry off, and make your way to the house. But in winter? You want to be immediately enveloped in warmth and indoors as quickly as possible. 

Make sure you take a towel, robe and sandals or other shoes with you to your hot tub. If it happens to be snowing, you’re going to need a way to keep these items dry while you’re in the hot tub. We suggest having a storage bench next to your hot tub for easy access and to keep your belongings dry, if you are tight on space a simple plastic tub with lid will do the trick!

Then, when you are done enjoying the hot water and powerful jets of your Hot Spring spa, you can quickly be warm and dry.

Here’s to you enjoying your spa during cold weather all winter long in Vail Valley and Summit County. Cheers!

One response to “3 Tips for Using Your Spa During Cold Weather

  1. Thanks for pointing out that when using a hot tub in the winter you should turn the thermostat down to 100 degrees, and consider limiting your soaking time to 15 minutes. My husband and I are thinking about getting a hot tub to put on our deck, and I think it would be extra fun to use in the winter. We’ll have to remember to make sure that we’re using it at a safe temperature in the winter since that can be hard to know sometimes when it’s so cold outside. Thanks for the winter hot tub tips.

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