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3 Ways to Ease Stress During COVID-19

Whether you fall into the essential worker category or you’re sheltering at home right now, COVID-19 is increasing stress and taking a mental toll on everyone. Many of the things you usually do to combat stress (like going to the gym, playing sports, or spending time with friends) might be banned at the moment — but there are still plenty of ways you can get some stress relief. Try one, or all, of these.

Get Moving

Exercise is a great stress reliever. According to the Mayo Clinic, pretty much any type of exercise can relieve stress. Being active increases endorphins which boost your mood. If your favorite activity has been going to the gym, playing team sports, or taking a yoga class, now is the ideal time to find some new solo exercises you enjoy.

If you’ve been wanting a home gym, there’s no better time to create one! Deck out your basement, sunroom, or extra bedroom with some of your favorite gym equipment. Or start small with a single elliptical or treadmill!

Do you miss swimming or aqua fitness classes at your gym? Maybe it’s time to get a personal-sized pool of your own! We’re talking about a swim spa. With an Endless Pools® Fitness System, it’s like having a heated pool and a hot tub in one. You can swim, do water aerobics, or just unwind in the warm jets. And the great thing is that an Endless Pools system fits anywhere. It’s a great addition to your backyard. But it would also be a fabulous indoor pool installed in your basement, home gym, or garage.

Or, get outside into the sunshine (we could all use an extra boost of Vitamin D) and do some biking, jumping jacks, or chase your kids around the yard.

Make Family Time Quality Time

Schoolwork, board games, and an entire season of your favorite show is complete… and that only took one day! When you’re all cooped up in the house together, it may take a little creativity to find activities the whole family can enjoy. But on the bright side, it’s never been easier to get in some family time!

You may be surprised at how the extra quality time turns your stir-crazy kids into content children. If you’re looking for some ways to take things to the next level, here are some ideas:

  • Move family time to the hot tub. Kids and teens love soaking in a hot tub just as much as adults. And a competitive rubber duckie race will get the whole family shrieking with laughter.
  • Tackle a home improvement project together. Plant a garden, clean up the landscaping, or repaint the house. Your kids will be willing participants — it’s the perfect time to teach them a few life skills!
  • Get outside. Play tag, frisbee, or lawn tennis. Cook dinner on the grill. Or light up the firepit and watch the stars come out. Don’t forget to add s’mores ingredients to your grocery delivery!
  • Create a fun zone inside. Hang a dartboard, commandeer the dining room table for the giant puzzle you’ve been meaning to do, or bring home a billiards table and create a game room your kids will love.

Turn Up the Heat

There are a lot of great reasons to make a sauna bath or a hot tub soak part of your everyday routine right now. Here’s just a few:

  • Relieve stress. You may think saunas and hot tubs relieve stress because they provide a quiet refuge where you can decompress. That’s part of it. But, there’s more. The heat actually helps balance your nervous system and boosts your mood. It increases feel-good dopamine production, which can not only help ease stress but help with symptoms of anxiety and depression, too.
  • Get more quality time with your partner. Miss date night? Steal away for a hot tub soak or sauna session! It’s the ideal place to get some privacy and increase intimacy.
  • Amp up your fitness. Have you ever tried doing yoga in your hot tub or sauna? The heat will give you some amazing results! Your muscles will be more pliable and you’ll be more limber. In addition, stretching is another great activity to pair with your hot tub or sauna.
  • Ease soreness. If you have sore muscles or stiffness after trying out new home fitness routines, hit your hot tub or sauna! The warmth will ease pain and limber you up. And your circulation will increase, bringing a rush of healing oxygen to your tender spots.

Quick Relief

Whatever kind of stress relief you choose, let Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa help you find the equipment and supplies you need to find relief, boost your mood, and improve your mental health. During these challenging times, we’re still open and taking extreme precautions so we can serve you while keeping everyone safe. How can we help? If you need chemicals for your spa, a billiards table for your game room, or a sauna for your home, call us at 970-306-4810 or contact us to arrange a virtual consultation. We’d love to help!