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4 Reasons why George Washington Would Have Owned a Hot Tub

Today we mark our first president and first commander-in-chief, George Washington’s birthday. Washington is a remarkable historical figure, not only becoming the first father of our nation but setting up many of the presidential roles and government functions that still stand today. 

You’ve probably answered a few trivia questions about Washington throughout the years (now did he, or did he not chop down that cherry tree?), but here are a couple of things you might not know. Washington was a sickly fellow. He suffered from many ailments, including tonsillitis and pneumonia. In fact, he died when a bad cold became a throat infection…although to be honest, it could very well have been the 5-pints of blood lost during the blood-letting treatment that did him in! 

Perhaps his many ailments are the reason he was such a fan of bathing in the mineral springs at Berkeley Springs in West Virginia. According to, Washington’s frequent visits helped the area gain fame as a health spa and resort. How he would have loved to see the modern era, where anyone can own a private hot tub and freely access the hydrotherapeutic benefits he sought! If he were around today, George Washington surely would own a hot tub. Here’s why. 

1. Hot Tubs Help Boost Immunity and Relieve Cold and Flu Symptoms

If you catch a cold, daily soaks in your hot tub can help you weather the symptoms easier. The steam will help clear congestion. Then the warm water, jets, and increased blood flow will go to work relieving body aches. Plus, since the warm water and increased circulation helps regulate your white blood cell count, hot tub use may boost immunity. 

2. Warm Water Hydrotherapy Provides Stress Relief

Whether it’s the secluded alone time, the increased blood flow, or a combination of both, hot tubs have been shown to reduce stress. As the leader of the free world and a man forging how the American government would work, Washington, no doubt experienced stress. Now, just think what a hot tub can do to relieve your own stress! 

3. Hot Tubs Provide Pain-Relief

When you sit in a hot tub, the buoyancy of the water reduces your weight and the stress on your joints by 90%. Then, the warmth increases blood flow to promote healing, while the jets go to work, delivering a targeted massage. Whether your pain is from an injury, workout, or a chronic condition, soaking in a spa can help.

4. A Hot Tub Soak will Help You Sleep Better

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a whopping 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders at least one night a week. That sleep-loss packs a punch. Fatigue takes a toll on your physical health, mental health, and performance at work and with your family. But soaking in a hot tub before bed each night could help! 

First, the quiet space lets you unwind and de-stress so you’re in a better frame of mind for sleep. Plus the jets and hydrotherapy ease pain throughout your body, helping to stop painful symptoms from keeping you up. Finally, your hot tub warms your core temperature and enhances the body’s natural sleep rhythm. As you cool after your hot tub soak, your body is triggered that it’s time to sleep. 

There are so many health benefits that come with owning a spa. These are just a few of the biggest! More than 200 years ago, George Washington already understood that hydrotherapy could have a positive impact on his health. We now have greater knowledge and reap the benefits of hydrotherapy more than ever before. If you’d like to experience these benefits for yourself, let us introduce you to a Hot Springs® Spa