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4 Signs It’s Time for Swimming Pool Service

Getting your swimming pool or hot tub serviced regularly is paramount to maximizing its lifespan. Pool service is essential when it comes to keeping everyone who uses it safe. Additionally, pool service can be instrumental in helping to reduce spending on water and energy bills. 

Even if you have a schedule for receiving regular pool service in place, it’s important to have an understanding of the signs to look out for that can let you know when it’s time for pool service. Such knowledge can be helpful in preserving your pool so that you don’t have to worry about random emergencies preventing you from using it. Some of the biggest indicators that can let you know when it’s time for pool service include:

1. Pool Filters Aren’t Functioning Like They Used To

One of the most important components of a functioning pool are its filters. If the pool’s filter is littered with cracks or holes, it won’t be as effective at keeping your pool free from debris as you’d like. Another reason the performance of a pool’s filter could be compromised is because of a clog. When a filter shows signs that it’s not up to doing the job correctly anymore, it’s time to plan for pool service in the near future. Enjoying the water with a broken filter is nearly impossible.

2. Water is Becoming Discolored

Sometimes you can tell that it’s time for swimming pool service by simply looking at the water. If the water in your swimming pool is becoming cloudy or green, you know it’s time to schedule pool service because it’s just not as appealing as it is when the water is sparkling clean. One potential reason for the change in the color of the pool’s water is because of algae. To keep your pool free of algae and bacteria, it’s important to ensure that pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.8

3. Inconsistent or Decreased Temperature Levels

One of the most uncomfortable sensations is diving into your pool only for your body to be overtaken by the freezing cold when you weren’t expecting it. If you notice that the water in your swimming pool has become uncharacteristically chilly, there are a few reasons why that could be the case. The potential culprits of unreasonably cold swimming pool water may consist of a broken pump or power source. If you have a heated pool, this is a clear indication that there is a problem with your pool heater. In order to get the problem evaluated and fixed, scheduling pool service is a must.

4. Skin or Eye Irritation After Using Your Pool Is Becoming Common

When pool service is needed, it’s best to avoid it until the service has been performed. Otherwise, you could run the risk of dealing with itchy eyes, nose, or throat. It’s also possible for skin to become irritable. If you’ve experienced any of the above after recently using your swimming pool or hot tub, then scheduling pool service should be near the top of your to-do list. That’s because there could be bacteria and particles in your pool causing damage. Fortunately, finding a source capable of providing you with pool service you can rely on is likely easier than you think.

Quality Pool Service and Maintenance in Vail

Preventative maintenance is preferable to emergency maintenance for everyone involved. One of the best preventative maintenance measures available is the ability to sign up for route service. The service is performed by the knowledgeable and experienced pool service technicians at Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa and can be done whether you’re at home or away. If you have questions or would like to find out more about pool service, get in touch with our team today!