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4 Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness for 2022

Caring for your health is very important. You must make sure that you are well so that all of your other roles and responsibilities will be easier to manage. There are many ways that you can take better care of yourself in the coming year. As Colorado’s experts in pool and spa, fitness, and outdoor living, the knowledgeable staff at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is here to help you find exactly what you need to make this happen. In fact, here are 4 ways to improve your health & wellness for 2022. 

Begin with Fitness Equipment 

Regular exercise is one of the first things that people consider as they make their list of resolutions for a new year. We understand the importance of having excellent fitness equipment readily available to utilize as you develop new fitness routines. You can start your plans for improving your health by upgrading your at-home gym with some new machines or accessories to give you a variety of workout options.

Bask in the Benefits of a Sauna

Some people feel the need to join a public gym because of extra amenities that they have to offer, such as saunas or swimming pools. However, you can easily enjoy the benefits of heat bathing in the comfort of your favorite place—your house. 

Why not just get your very own sauna instead of spending money on a gym membership? We carry traditional & infrared saunas by Finnleo® that would be the perfect addition to your backyard, bathroom, or home gym. 

Blend Exercise and Enjoyment with a Swim Spa

Another machine that you can use to improve your health and wellness is an Endless Pools® fitness system. These swim spas are innovative and the ideal environment for accomplishing your total body fitness goals. 

Swim spas are unique in many ways. One thing that makes them special is the fact that they can be used year-round for aquatic exercise. Their design is also amazing—room for both swimming and for soaking and enjoying hydrotherapy. 

A swim spa in the Rocky Mountains is the perfect place to accomplish low impact exercise. You can swim against the resistance stream and adjust the level of resistance for added exertion. There are rowing kits, swim tethers, aquabikes, treadmills, weights, and a range of accessories to add variety to your aquatic workout routines.

Become Familiar with the Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub

The last of 4 ways to improve your health & wellness for 2022 is to become familiar with the advantages of owning a hot tub. A hot tub is associated with relaxing hydrotherapy. However, there are many other health benefits they offer as well.

The heat of the water increases circulation and mobility. A spa can also help to reduce joint inflammation and alleviate physical discomfort as you sit and soak. If you are looking for a natural sleep aid, a hot tub session can even help your body prepare for a deep, peaceful sleep.


Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is celebrating our 40th year of helping the people of Vail and Frisco with all of their leisure and recreational needs. Visit one of our two stores to find what you need to succeed in your plans for a better you in 2022.