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5 Luxurious Features to Add to Your New Pool

Are you looking for the perfect luxurious features for your new pool? A new pool is amazing on its own. But when additional well-appointed features enter the equation, the pool’s value and appeal increase. There are many different features that pool owners dream of adding to their haven of relaxation, and our experienced team at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is here to help you narrow down your options. Here are 5 luxurious features to add to your new pool.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

One great way to spruce up your outdoor living area is to add an outdoor kitchen. Having access to a sink, cupboards of food, ice-cold beverages, and all the conveniences of a kitchen without having to dry off and go inside is advantageous on a fun-filled pool day. We carry Lynx® and Weber® grills that make your outdoor cooking experience easy and enjoyable, and we can find the perfect one to complement your backyard kitchen. A grilled meal is the ideal ending to a day in the water. 

Picture a Dancing Flame

A fire has a mesmerizing effect. With a modern, fire feature, your pool will be breathtaking, warming, and calming. When you enjoy night swimming, a fire feature adds lighting and beauty. You can warm up if the evening is cool, and you can enjoy the reflection of the flames on the still water as you relax before enjoying a good night’s sleep. There are numerous fire features to consider. You can customize your way.

Enjoy a Tranquil Waterfall

If you enjoy a peaceful hike beside a stream that flows into a gorgeous waterfall, this feature will give you the luxury you want. Relaxing in the pool beside a flowing waterfall is an amazing way to unwind and destress after a long day. The waterfall can also be an asset to the pool’s filtration system by keeping the water in motion. You are adding luxury and practicality in one feature with a spectacular waterfall.

Set the Mood with Extra Lights

Lights are a very popular accessory that pool owners often choose first. LED lights are energy-efficient and breathtaking. The variety of options — submersible lights, surrounding lights, and floating lights — make these an amenity you don’t want to miss. Lights set the mood for whatever time in the pool might include: romance, fun, relaxing, or partying. Safety is another reason that extra lighting is a great choice for night swimming. 

Spruce Up the Surroundings

Luxury for a pool can come in many forms. Landscaping is one easy way to add to the grand look you want to offer and enjoy. Large rocks and gravel are great space fillers. Planter boxes and other greenery will add some color to the environment. Let us help you find the plants that will best suit the climate and environment of your home.

Luxurious Features Your Way

Our 40 years of excellent service has earned us the title of Colorado’s Experts In Pool And Spa, Fitness And Outdoor Living. Our knowledgeable design team knows what features work best with all kinds of pools, shapes, and designs. We are here to help you customize your new pool your way. If you are unsure about an idea, we can put your mind at ease. Contact us or visit one of our locations to find the perfect luxurious features to add to your new pool.