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5 Must-Have Accessories to Enhance Sauna Enjoyment

Sitting in a sauna is beneficial in many ways. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has been actively serving Colorado’s residents for 40 years, helping them find all they need for their at-home recreation. We have been able to add amazing products, such as Saunas by Finnleo®, to offer our loyal customers for their leisure needs. Having a sauna at your home is a luxury in itself. Finding accessories that make heat bathing even more enjoyable only makes you love your sauna more. Here are 5 must-have accessories that enhance sauna enjoyment. 

Begin with the Basics

Finnleo® offers a variety of saunas for your home. At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we carry traditional saunas, infra-saunas, and far-infrared saunas that are all beautiful and beneficial in many different ways.

When you have chosen your favorite sauna, you can then select sensational sauna accessories that add to the time spent in a heat bathing session. Begin with the basics and find a great bucket or pail to accessorize your sauna. 

The bucket or pail is essential for holding water that you will want to use in order to produce steam during your heat bathing sessions. There are also liners available to use inside the bucket or pail of your choice.

Locate the Long Ladle

The next item you need for complete sauna enjoyment is a ladle or dipper to use when you want to create extra steam. The steam in a heat bath is refreshing and helps to open up your pores. To protect your fingers when creating more steam, you want to have this useful accessory. Then you can easily scoop water from your bucket and ladle it over the hot rocks from a safe distance. 

Have a Hat on Hand

Another sauna accessory that is popular is a hat. The purpose of a sauna hat is to protect your hair from exposure to extreme heat on a regular basis. As you enjoy a sauna session, you can keep your hair from taking in extra heat with one of these helpful hats. They are made of wool, which is able to help regulate the temperature of your scalp and hair. Sit and bask in the heat in style.

Get Gauges to Eliminate Guesswork

There are a few accessories that you want to get for your sauna to help you eliminate the guesswork in your sessions. You will need to regulate your time in the sauna as well as the temperature you are experiencing. 

There are three gauges that are helpful. A timer is a wonderful tool that helps you monitor how long you sit. A thermometer is another important tool that allows you to see how hot that air around you actually is. Finally, a hygrometer is helpful to keep so that you can measure the humidity and adjust it as necessary.

Prepare a Pillow for Comfort

The last item on our list of 5 sauna accessories to enhance your sauna experience is a pillow or some type of headrest. Be sure to find something that allows you to comfortably rest your head while the sauna does its important work.


Visit one of our two stores to talk to our knowledgeable staff about the must-have accessories that you need for your sauna enjoyment. We are always here to help.