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5 Things to Consider Before Situating Your Hot Tub

Are you ready to pick your ideal hot tub and bring it home? Great! We’ve got the perfect model waiting for you in our showroom! Regardless of which hot tub you choose, there are a few important things to keep in mind when you decide where it should sit on your property. We’re here to help you with all aspects of picking the location and site prep, but to give you an idea, here are 5 things to keep in mind when situating your hot tub. 

1. Structural Support

When filled, a large hot tub can weigh over 2.5 tons! So, making sure it is located on a sound, structurally-supported spot is vital. Our go-to recommendation is a 4” thick concrete slab, although a thick 4-6” layer of compacted gravel can work, too. Or, some people prefer to place their hot tub on their deck. If you do choose a deck, gazebo, balcony, or even inside, you’ll need to consult with a contractor and verify if upgrades are needed to bear the weight. 

2. Accessibility

For your hot tub delivery to go smoothly, there should be an access point that is at least as wide as your hot tub is high. Otherwise, you’ll have the added expense of hiring a crane to lift the spa over your house and set it in place. There’s almost always a creative solution to get your hot tub into the spot you want, but a straightforward delivery will save you money.

3. Space

When you’re deciding if a space is big enough to hold your hot tub, you’ve got to account for more than just the exact dimensions of your spa. Not only will you need room to climb into it, but you need space for a cover lifter and you may want a set of stairs. Plus, occasionally service technicians will need room to access the back panel for maintenance. When situating your hot tub, allow at least 18” of clearance behind the hot tub and at least a few inches on the left and right sides.  

4. Comfort

Comfort and ease-of-use matters, too! Maybe you have a perfect spot picked out in the far corner of your yard. But, will you want to make the trek out there when winter hits? 

5. Privacy

When you’re enjoying a peaceful soak, the last thing you want is your neighbors’ encroaching on your privacy. Not to worry, though! Even if you don’t have a site in your backyard that lends itself to privacy, you can create the solitude you need with one of these creative solutions. 

  • Privacy screens
  • Creative landscaping, like shrubs, trees, or large potted plants
  • Fence
  • Trellis
  • Hot Tub Enclosure
  • Pergola or gazebo

Take a look at your backyard with these 5 guidelines in mind and situating your hot tub may be easy.  The best news is though, that you don’t have to do it alone! Not only are we here to help you make the decision, but we offer FREE in-home consultations! We’ll make sure you have plenty of room to accommodate the spa you want and we’ll go over everything you need to know about site prep. We’ll even bring cabinet color samples so you can pick what looks best with your deck or house. To make an appointment for YOUR free consultation, click here