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5 Tips for When Wildlife Gets In Your Hot Tub

Have you ever had the horror of finding wildlife in your hot tub? We hope not, but everyone at Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa also knows it is an unwelcome possibility. Don’t worry. We are here to give you some tips on prevention and what to do if it happens to you! 

How to prevent wildlife from getting in your hot tub.

The best thing you can do is set yourself up for success! Take a few simple steps to protect yourself and your hot tub from any unwanted wildlife in your area. 

Use a hot tub cover to keep wildlife out of your hot tub.

bear standing by a hot tub

If you aren’t already, using a hot tub cover can make a massive difference in the care and maintenance of your hot tub. Not only will it keep wildlife out of the water, but it will also help to maintain your water chemistry and temperature. 

If you don’t already have a hot tub cover, Maximum Comfort can get you set up with one. In fact, you can get a Covana® cover that opens and closes with just the turn of a key! When it rises, it transforms into a gazebo. This will offer shelter and privacy to your hot tub. 

Don’t leave food near your hot tub.

While having a party in your hot tub can be an exciting way to spend time with friends and family, you don’t want to leave food out overnight. Food left out can attract all kinds of animals. They will eat the food and could possibly be attracted to the water as well. 

Don’t leave cracks or holes in the hot tub shell unaddressed.

While the water itself can be enticing to wild animals, the warmth could also draw them in. If you see cracks or holes in the body, you need to patch them ASAP. 

Rodents can fit in spaces as small as 1 inch, so even if you think it’s not a big deal, it can be. They like to cozy up in the warm insulation and make a nest. This provides opportunities for them to chew through wiring and cause significant damage. 

Don’t abandon your hot tub for extended periods of time.

If you are planning to leave for an ample amount of time, make sure you have someone to check in on your hot tub while you are gone. You can close things up before you leave and make sure to have a cover in place and everything sealed up tight. 

An even better idea? Have a professional take care of your hot tub while you’re gone!

If you do find wildlife in your hot tub, call our service team ASAP.

If the worst does happen and you find an unwelcome guest in your hot tub, call the Maximum Comfort Pools and Spas service team immediately. We can come out and help you get things back in order. 

Better yet, make sure to enroll in our route service so that we are continuously checking on things for you, no matter if you are home or not. You can have us come as often as you like. We will check things at every visit as well as maintain your water chemistry for you. 


Never worry about the maintenance of your hot tub again, wildlife or not! Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa is ready to help you with all of your pool and hot tub needs.