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5 Ways To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy In Your Swim Spa

Swim Spas are the most versatile health and fitness products available today.

People all over the world are choosing swim spas over pools for a multitude of reasons including:

  • Cost
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Year round use
  • Size
  • Multitude of no, to low impact exercise options
  • Hydrotherapy (post workout recovery, pain relief, and relaxation)
  • FUN!

Here are 5 things you can do in a swim spa to get healthy, stay healthy, and be happy!



Swim spas are phenomenal training tools for the serious swimmer, the recreational exercise swimmer, and the novice swimmer. Swim spas are perfect for comfortable, year round swimming seeing as how you can adjust the water temperature easily, quickly, and affordably.


Have kids? Swim spas are safe and convenient for teaching your kids how to swim! Like any aquatic activity, common sense, discretion, and SAFETY must be paramount. Never allow kids to access a swim spa without adult supervision.



Are you a competitive rower? Is the rowing machine at the gym one of your favorite pieces of equipment? Fit some training in at home in a swim spa! Enjoy the comfort of the warm water and finish up your session with a recovery massage from the hydrotherapy jets in the seating area.



Running in place against the swim current is a wonderful way to warm up, loosen up, and get your heart rate up! It’s an ideal way to exercise and rehabilitate after an injury.



Boost your overall strength in your swim spa, aided by the joint support the water provides. Check out this video to see a great intro/warm up routine performed with Hydrobells.



Nothing beats a spa when it comes to recovery and relaxation. Swim spas take things a step further – Transition from workout to reward and recovery without getting out of the water!

Treat yourself to a nice evening soak as often as you wish. The massage jets will annihilate stress and tension, keeping you limber, healthy, and happy.

Invite friends and family over for some good conversation and refreshing drinks in your swim spa. Relax the day away.


Swim spas boost overall health.

Engage in a variety of fun workouts and instantly follow up with a muscle recovery massage. Sit in your swim spa to soak away the stress of your work day. Enjoy your swim spa with friends and family and maintain those important relationships.

Can you name a more versatile, more fun, more appealing piece of health and fitness equipment? We didn’t think so…

When you’re ready, visit one of our showrooms. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and set you up with a test swim in one of our Endless Pools!

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