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5 Ways Hot Tubs Help You Recover from Outdoor Recreation

Have you spent a long and enjoyable day skiing on the slopes, hiking, or partaking in another of your favorite form of outdoor recreation? Our experts at Maximum Comfort know that the best way to recover from all that fun (and hard work) is with a good long soak in your hot tub! Soaking in your hot tub after outdoor recreation has numerous benefits, including pain relief and muscle recovery. Not to mention, it just feels amazing. Tell us which of these benefits is your favorite over on our Facebook page.

5 Ways Hot Tubs Help You Recover from Outdoor Recreation

1. Hot tubs help you to relax.

The most obvious benefit is one that you feel as soon as you get settled in your hot tub. We all know the feeling of a nice hot bath after a long day. A hot tub is like that, but times a million.

Take a load off after your fun day of outdoor recreation and enjoy soaking in a hot tub. Not only will you immediately feel more at ease, but you will also experience a lot of other benefits too. 

2. They provide pain relief.

After the age of 30, we all experience a few aches and pains. If you really go hard while playing outdoors, your body can take quite a hit. 

A quick dip in the hot tub will allow your blood flow to increase, getting that healing power all over your body at a faster rate. This also means healing any potential damages at a faster rate, which means less pain. 

3. A hot tub soak enhances mental health.

The relaxing benefits of having tension released from your muscles will improve any struggles you may have with anxiety. Exercise is a fantastic way to improve your mental health as well. Using both of these together will give you endorphins to make you happy, and sitting in the hot tub will release serotonin and dopamine in your body while decreasing the cortisol and epinephrine. 

4. Aids in weight management.

Since the hot tub is decreasing cortisol, this will also help with weight management. Exercise is, of course, going to help as well, but keep the calorie burn alive by soaking in a hot tub after. Not only will it burn a few calories, but it will also reduce the stress hormone and allow you to recover more quickly so that you can exercise again.

5. Helps you sleep better after a long day outside.

Finally, since you will feel happy and relaxed after all of this outdoor recreation and calming down in your hot tub, you will be ready to drift off to sleep like a child. Hot baths have been scientifically proven to help people sleep better, so a hot tub has the same effect, but more so since there are jets and the water can be warmer. 


If you are looking for the ultimate recovery tool to add to your health and wellness journey this year, look no further than a hot tub of your very own. With all the benefits they have to offer, everyone can get something from one. Stop by today to test out one for yourself.