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6 Hottest Hot Tub Accessories Right NOW

Accessories are the unsung heroes of a hot tub lifestyle. There always seems to be new ways to make the experience even more special. Here are the 6 hottest hot hub accessories right now.

Rejuvenate . . .

It’s all about the water. The bubbly, rejuvenating, jetted water relieving the stress from your mind and the tension from your tired body. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Think again because it can. It really can.

Several hot tub accessories exist primarily to take your time in the tub to the next level of tranquility.

Fountains and cascading waterfalls add elements of visual and aural ease. Beautiful to watch and soothing to hear; rest for the eyes and calm for the ears.

Colorful LED lighting systems enrich the gratification of a leisurely evening. As the evening sky darkens, built-in or floating LED lights will replace the rays of the sun with satisfying, heavenly hues emanating from your HotSpring® hot tub.

Refresh . . .

One of the coolest hot tub accessories is just that: Cool. The COOLZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System works in conjunction with your spa’s heating system, allowing you to efficiently change the water temp to afford some cool-down relief on a warm summer day. Don’t worry. The system will warm the water to where you want it to be for unwinding in warmth on those cool Colorado evenings.

Relax . . .

Hot tubs have met high-tech. With the advent of Bluetooth® and wireless technology, a hot tub can now be the place where you stream or play music from your own source with a built-in hot tub sound system. Spend an evening having a Rocky Mountain high listening to the melodies of John Denver. It’s a lot easier and less expensive than inviting Roy Bloomfield over for the evening. Besides, he’s busy playing at Beano’s Cabin.

The ultimate in hot tub entertainment today will be sure to lure Rockies and Bronco fans into the spa, even during game time. Take it to the limit by adding an all-weather, wireless HD LCD TV monitor. Monitors are available with sturdy stands and anti-glare coatings to make viewing easy for everyone in the spa, even if it’s only you.

Recover . . .

No. The other cover. Spa covers wear out. And they are cumbersome. While cover lifts deserve an honorable mention, Covana covers make all others pale by comparison. Plus, they are ideal for Vail winters.

Covana covers are fully automated and convert your spa into a hot tub gazebo. Just a flip of a switch and four telescoping towers raise the cover to just the right height in a few seconds. The covers are perfect for a snowy Colorado night. And, once you are completely relaxed, you don’t have to struggle to put the cover back in place. Another flip of the switch and the cover descends and seals into place in mere seconds.

Review . . .

Are there other accessories to enhance your hot tub? Of course. The accessories we have shown you offer the most comfort and the best value. Visit our showrooms in Vail or Frisco. We would love to help make your hot tub the most relaxing place in town with Maximum Comfort.