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6 Surefire Ways to Have a Great Day in the High Rockies

Whether you’re visiting the High Rockies for the first time, or visiting a few times a year in your vacation home, there are plenty of things you can do during your time in the Vail Valley of Colorado and beyond. Here are six surefire ways to have a great day in the High Rockies!

6 Activities to Do in the High Rockies of Colorado

There are plenty of fun and exciting activities to do in the High Rockies of Colorado. Here are some ideas:

1. In Summer, Go Hiking, Biking, and More

Colorado, and in the High Rockies in particular, is the perfect place for a plethora of summer outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, and more. There are a lot of great trails in the High Rockies, including the Continental Divide Trail, the Colorado Trail, and the Mount Elbert Trail.

With so many hiking and biking trails to choose from, as well as excellent campgrounds, fishing holes, and more, you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in the stunning natural landscape of Colorado.

2. In Winter, Go Skiing or Snowboarding

The High Rocky Mountains are as equally picturesque in the wintertime as in summer, and Colorado is famous for its skiing and snowboarding. There’s nothing like the crisp mountain air and fresh powder snow, followed by the warmth of a cozy fire and a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

3. Go Wine Tasting or on a Culinary Tour

Okay, so you’re not the sporty type. What else can you do in the High Rockies? Plenty, trust us! 

If you’re a foodie or wine lover, there are a ton of stunning wineries throughout the Centennial State. Colorado has a thriving wine industry, and there are several wineries in the High Rockies that are definitely worth a visit. Some popular ones include the Cottonwood Cellars Winery and the Vino Salida Wine Cellars. Plus, there are plenty of local restaurants with eclectic dishes bursting with flavor.

5. Go to an Art Gallery

For artwork that’s as gorgeous to look at as the Colorado landscape, check out some of the local art galleries in the area. Featuring artwork from a variety of artists and mediums like painting, drawing, and even glass blowing, you’re sure to find a piece that speaks to you. Maybe you’ll even find one you need to have in your home or vacation house. Near us here in Vail, we have the Vail International Gallery and Artful Sol Gallery.

6. Visit a Museum

It’s always a good idea to squeeze a museum into your trip, and Colorado is no exception. There are a ton of unique museums in the High Rockies, like the Colorado Snowsports Museum & Hall of Fame and the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum. You’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll learn all kinds of new things!

End Your Day in the High Rockies with a Hot Tub Soak

Whether you spent time outdoors recreating in the majestic Colorado landscape or time indoors with art, wine, and culinary delights, a hot tub soak is a surefire way to end your day in the High Rockies on a high note. There’s nothing like spending an evening under the Colorado stars, enjoying the warm, soothing waters of a backyard spa. Stretch and relax your tired muscles or sit and chat with your loved ones about all the cool things you saw that day.

If you’d like to add a hot tub to the backyard of your High Rocky home or Vail vacation home, there is no better place to look than Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. We have a premium selection of luxury hot tubs available that will take any day you have in the High Rockies and make it one to remember. Stop by today!