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6 Truly Unique Swimming Pool Designs for Colorado Homes

People move to Colorado or build vacation homes here for the stunning beauty of the mountains and the fun recreation you can enjoy. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa knows that you don’t want your pool designs to compete with the natural beauty surrounding you. We can help you build a truly custom pool that blends perfectly with your surroundings, like a stunning work of art for your backyard. 

1. Create statement waterfalls to make pool designs spectacular. 

A statement waterfall is one of the best ways to make your pool designs feel natural. Since waterfalls are natural in all forms, you can make waterfalls your own. Add multiple smaller ones to create a flow between different levels of your backyard, or create a grand one as the focal point. Either way, it will add to the natural landscape around you instead of contrasting with it.

2. Use rocks and stones to add to the earthy feel. 

Rocks and stones are also found everywhere in Colorado. Since they are a part of the natural landscape, it only makes sense to incorporate them into your pool designs. This will enhance the flow from surrounding areas to your backyard. With so many stunning options of stone and tile to choose from, you will definitely find something to fit your tastes. Choose a darker stone or rock for a moodier look. Go with a more classic look by sticking to natural colors. There is something for everyone.

3. Create different levels of pools and hot tubs to flow with the mountains. 

With many homes built on the mountains’ sides, you may work on steep slopes in your backyard. This is an excellent opportunity to create different levels in your backyard. Use the waterfalls from before to create a seamless look flowing from one area to the next. You could place an infinity pool on one level, overflowing into a custom hot tub below. Make another level a play area for children or pets. Complete the space with an outdoor kitchen. You can even add slides to create more fun and excitement if you like.

4. Use stones and rocks to create a more green or natural hue to the water. 

You can also select stones and rocks to create a more natural hue to the water. Instead of choosing blues to add to your pool designs, go with browns or tans. Our experts can help you choose these colors to continue flowing with your design while maintaining a natural look to your water.

5. Create freeform pool designs to complement your home and landscape.

Freedom pool designs flow with a natural landscape easily. We have seen these done before, but they remain a significant style choice today. Maximum Comfort’s experts can help you select the best shape for your backyard during your consultation.

6. Blend an outdoor kitchen in to complete the pool designs.

Finally, include an outdoor kitchen in your pool designs. We can make these blend into the natural landscape as well as the other options we have mentioned. There is no limit to the possibilities.


From the pool designs down to the furniture and accessories, the experts at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa are ready to help you create the pool design of your dreams. Our gallery can inspire ideas for you before you come in to plan with us. Reach out today to make your appointment so you can make the most of your Colorado summer.