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7 Hot Tub Accessories You Definitely Need

It’s so easy to see that accessories make everything better. We all like to add a little variety to our outfits — jewelry, scarves, hats… accessories galore. Cars with extra features are so much more alluring to car customers. Electronic gadgets come with endless possible accessories, also. A hot tub is no different! Adding accessories only makes a hot tub more exciting and valuable. There are 7 hot tub accessories you definitely need.

Start with the Steps

Getting into your hot tub can be a breeze when you pair your hot tub with the perfect set of Hot Spring® Steps from Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa. There are several options available, with colors and styles to complement the beauty of your spa. If you already have steps, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. The steps are the most important accessory because they provide safe access to the swirling waters of your relaxation oasis.

Remember to Hydrate

We all know that hydration is important, especially when we are relaxing in a therapeutic hot tub. A floating drink holder is one possibility for keeping water easily accessible. There are also trays and other inflatables that will hold drinks, snacks, and more. One of our friendly staff can help you find the perfect accessory for this paramount task of hydration and refueling energy.

Get Comfortable

Pillows are associated with comfort. A spa pillow is a great accessory when you want to lie back and soak your aching muscles. Some people prefer a soft, thick pillow, while others need a firm, thin version. Finding the perfect one can be tricky, but you will be so glad when you do. 

Have Some Fun

Playing card games in a hot tub sounds silly, right? Well, you can now find waterproof card games! Game enthusiasts can take their game night outside to the hot tub. If you want to add a new twist to weekly game night or to family game night, this is it.

Light It Up

Adding some LED lighting to your hot tub can add to the soaking experience. Whether romantic or more lighthearted in nature, like game night, lights can set the tone. Lights that change colors are fun and can make the atmosphere change with just the click of a button. Permanent, floating, or submersible — accessorize your way!

Tech It Up

If you want the ultimate hot tub enjoyment, technology is a must-have accessory. A Bluetooth® speaker or sound system is the perfect addition to your spa. Music eases stress for a night of relaxation, adds a romantic aura for a date night, and improves moods in general. Wireless monitors are another exciting option for hot tub time if you like to watch your favorite show to unwind.

Wrap It Up

All good things must come to an end… even an amazing night in the hot tub. When you get a towel rack or basket to keep right beside your spa, you will not have to worry about forgetting that important towel or robe inside anymore. It will also be kept nice and dry. There are beautiful options to complement your hot tub setup, and you can keep extra towels available there for your guests as well. Dripping inside will not be an issue for anyone as you wrap up in your towel or robe and wrap up the perfect hot tub night.


The number of perfection is 7. And with these 7 hot tub accessories you definitely have everything you need to make your hot tub perfect! A Maximum Comfort, you’ll find all the best hot tub options for your home, as well as the accessories you need to make it your favorite space to be. Whether you need a new spa or some new upgraded accessories, contact us today. Our expert staff members are always on hand to help you build the place you love to call home.