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Keep it Green! A Hot Tub Cover Helps Reduce Energy & Water Waste

The beautiful Colorado mountains are magnificent to enjoy year-round. As a resident of the Vail Valley, you want to do your part to help protect the beautiful environment around you. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is the local expert on all outdoor leisure and recreational activities. We are here to help you save energy and still enjoy all of your backyard amenities. Let’s look at some ways to keep your hot tub from negatively affecting the environment. Keep it green! A hot tub cover helps reduce energy & water waste.

Save Essential Energy

A hot tub cover has many purposes. One big benefit of covering the hot tub when you are not using it is to save that essential energy. If you are using your quality cover properly, you will not need to run the hot tub unnecessarily to warm the water up anytime you are ready to soak and unwind. 

At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we carry hot tubs from Freeflow® Spas and Hot Spring® Spas that have quality covers to utilize for your needs. You can even have a cover lifter installed to make opening and closing the hot tub easier. We have Covana covers to consider if you are looking for a new type of cover that offers added privacy and also protection from the elements. 

Conserve on Costly Chemicals

Hot tub water does not stay clean and clear on its own. Keeping a hot tub ready for safe soaking requires chemicals. Because you want to get the most out of your money, you want to use the spa cover to help you save on those costly chemicals. 

Utilizing the cover will keep the chemicals from seeping into the air when they are not being used. This is also helping to protect the environment, which is the overall goal here. The cover is useful for keeping precipitation from altering the chemical content of the water as well.

Our reputable route service team takes care of spas across Eagle County and Summit County. The citizens of Vail, Colorado, as well as those who have a vacation home here, rely on our skilled technicians to keep their hot tubs healthy, heated, and happy. We can help you make sure the chemical levels are balanced. All that you need to do is to keep the hot tub covered when it’s idle. 

Avoid Water Wasting

Another job for the hot tub cover is to keep the heated water from evaporating unnecessarily. When the water evaporates, refilling the hot tub will become a necessity. You cannot fully enjoy a hydrotherapy massage if the spa’s water level is too low.

The weather will also have open access to the water if the cover is not in place. This means rain or snow could quickly alter the temperature and chemical makeup of the water. An extra service visit might become a necessity.

So, what is the main takeaway from “Keep it green! A hot tub cover helps reduce energy & water waste”? A spa cover is the best way to help protect your environment and to protect your investment. An energy saving hot tub is just the beginning of the savings you can see. Come see us to make sure you have the best cover for your hot tub’s protection.