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Are Chemicals for Pools & Spas the Same?

In the beautiful Rocky Mountains, many people find a gorgeous vacation home. Others make their home in the scenic area. Either way, backyard leisure is something everyone is looking for in Colorado. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is celebrating our 40th anniversary of serving the communities in Vail and Frisco. We know that pools and spas go hand in hand. Often, we hear questions like, “Are chemicals for pools & spas the same?”

We are here to tell you NO! The chemicals for pools & spas are not the same. Each separate pool and spa chemical is designed for a different purpose. Here are a few facts to help clarify this topic.

Chemicals Are Similar in Composition

Both pools and spas need to be sanitized. Probably the most popular chemical used for this purpose is chlorine. There are also algaecides for both pools and spas. An algaecide is designed to help with preventing algae growth. Clarifier is another item used to clear up the water you use for your entertainment, whether cool or hot. 

The water chemistry is equally important for both bodies of water. Frequent tests are the only way to keep the levels of each chemical where they should be for healthy water.

Chemical Are Different in Concentration

A pool and spa vary greatly when it comes to their size and the volume of water they hold. This is one of the main reasons why pool and spa chemicals are not interchangeable. Application instructions are very important when working with any chemicals, and this is no different in the pool and spa world.

Using spa chemicals in the pool would be ineffective and could be harmful to swimmers. The opposite is true as well. Pool chemicals used in a spa could quickly cause damage to the spa itself. Soaking in unbalanced water can damage your skin as well. 

Neither scenario is what you want. You want to be able to swim or soak without worrying about any of this. That is why Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa’s renowned services are so popular.

Chemical Connoisseurs Are Your Solution

Our route service technicians perform over 1,000 services per week. Our qualified technicians are known for their experience, expertise, and excellence. With the fastest response times, our team is able to accomplish a lot and care for more pools and spas than our competitors. 

Our pool service in Eagle County and Summit County is highly sought after. The spa service in Vail and Frisco is also top of the line. Using professional pool and spa services gives you the peace of mind that your water is always ready to enjoy. You don’t have to stress about chemicals or any other maintenance that pools and spas demand. 

Are chemicals for pools & spas the same? No. But Colorado’s experts in pool and spa, fitness and outdoor living are here to help you with all of the things you need to make your outdoor oasis most enjoyable. If you need a pool or spa, we can help. If you’re looking for a company to care for your pool and spa, we are also eager to assist you. Contact us today to get on our coveted route service list.