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Best Ways to Use a Sauna in Summer in the High Rockies

When you think of a sauna, you probably also think of heat. A sauna’s heat operating system makes it very therapeutic and healthful. Since just thinking of a sauna could warm you up mid-year, this might bring you to wonder what the best ways to use a sauna in summer in the High Rockies might be. 

For 40 years, Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has been serving the communities of Colorado. We proudly carry several varieties of traditional and infrared saunas by Finnleo®. Our years of experience with these amazing spaces can easily help you with this topic.

Start the Day with a Sauna Session

Before you begin a busy summer day, a sauna session is a great kick start for your body. Putting your body under heat stress first thing in the morning actually helps your body prepare to meet the heat outside. The heat stress helps your body adjust to a higher temperature, while keeping all of your vital organs safe. 

A summer session of 10-15 minutes is plenty of time to detox your body and relieve stress. Then you can prepare for the day refreshed and ready to accomplish your goals. When you step outside, your body can actually feel cooler in the heat. This is a great positive perk of a morning sauna session.

Sip Before, During, and After a Sauna Session

You always want to remember the importance of hydration while enjoying your sauna. In the summer, this fact is even more relevant because your body loses more fluids naturally with the higher temperatures outdoors. Be sure to drink some water before you start, keep refreshing water nearby while you heat bathe, and continue to replenish your fluids when you finish. 

There are several good sources of hydration you can utilize. Fruit juices and teas are great beverages to use in addition to water. Vegetables and fruits can also help you replenish vitamins and fluids after a sauna session.

Summer Says Keep Strengthening Your Immune System

Many people associate illnesses with the colder temperatures of winter. However, your immune system is vulnerable to viruses anytime of the year. Making good use of precautionary methods year-round is ideal for strong health. A sauna session followed by a cold shower or a quick swim in a refreshing pool is a great immune booster to combat bacteria you might encounter. You can utilize this natural immune system boost any time of the year. 

Sauna Soaking Results in Soft Skin

Unlike outdoor summer heat, the heat of a sauna stimulates your blood flow and moves nutrients and oxygen directly to your skin cells. This enables the cells to renew themselves faster. Softer, younger looking skin is a great byproduct of regular sauna time.

Saunas Are Known to Enhance Sweet Sleep

Summer days are longer, which can often cause you to squeeze more activities into a day. If you are struggling to shut your brain off and start counting sheep, try ending your day with a brief sauna session. The sauna will raise your body temperature and relax your mind. Then you can head to bed and nod off quickly.

These are some of the best ways to use a sauna in summer. If you’re looking for saunas in Vail or Frisco, Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has just what you need. Contact us today about adding a sauna to your home, or stop in store to experience the incredible benefits yourself. We look forward to helping you accomplish all your wellness goals.