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Can an Endless Pools® swim spa be installed indoors?

No room in your backyard for a swim spa? That’s okay — an Endless Pools® Fitness System can be installed indoors! A traditional swimming pool installed indoors can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. An indoor Endless Pools swim-in-place pool is a fraction of that price. And that’s just the first reason to choose an indoor Endless Pool. 

The installation options are endless.

Our mountainous area can make it challenging to find the right spot for a traditional pool. With an Endless Pools swim-in-place pool, that’s virtually a non-issue. First, Endless Pools are the perfect choice for indoor placement. They pack a whole lot of swim area in a relatively small package. Do you have a basement, home gym, garage, or sunroom? If so, you’ve already got a great location option for your Endless Pool. 

But if not, how about enclosing some space to create an indoor pool room? For example, look at how Endless Pools’ owner, Chris, placed a partially in-ground Endless Pool under his existing deck and then enclosed it with a sunroom. 

Swim year-round in perfect comfort indoors!

Privacy and comfort are the other big reasons some of our customers opt for an indoor Endless Pool. While Endless Pools are heated so you can swim in them year-round, an indoor swim-in-place pool is just so comfortable, come winter. There’s no dashing from the pool to your door in the freezing air, and no discomfort if you exercise or lounge partially submerged. 

With an indoor Endless Pool, you’ll also be protected from the sun’s damaging rays and be able to swim in complete privacy any time of the day or night.

Need help picking the right spot for your indoor Endless Pool? We offer free in-home consultations! Whether you’re considering an existing indoor area or you’d like to enclose another space, one of our site surveys can help. Click here to learn more! Or, check out Endless Pools’ brand new site for more great ideas on the model that’s right for you.