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Can Children Use Saunas?

Spending time with children and grandchildren is a pastime many people enjoy on a regular basis. Being able to share your favorite activities with these little people you care so much about is a bonus! Spending time in a sauna is very relaxing. Heat bathing is a wonderful way to relieve stress and ease muscle tension and pain. But the question “can children use saunas?” naturally rises for families who own a sauna or are thinking of getting one. The simple answer is yes; children can use saunas. As with any activity, caution and discretion must be used when heat bathing with children. Here is some general information regarding children using a sauna.

Age Restrictions

Children love to be included in everything. If you are letting them join you in the sauna, remember that until age 8, their young bodies cannot regulate heat as well. Infants and toddlers cannot be exposed to extreme heat for any length of time. 

If your children are under 8, limit their exposure to steam in the sauna. Have them sit on a lower level bench to help with this. Keeping cool water nearby for them to play in or cool off with is another great idea if you have a traditional sauna. 

Time Limits

Be very aware of the length of time your child is in the sauna. For children under 3, a 3 to 5 minute window is the limit for heat bathing. From age 4 to mid-teens, 15 minutes is a reasonable limit to set. Older children might take a brief break from the sauna to hop in a refreshing swimming pool or a cool shower. When they’ve cooled off, another short sauna session is perfectly safe.

Hydration and Nutrition Needs

A sauna is designed to help your body detoxify. As you sit and sweat, your body is ridding itself of harmful toxins. Keep in mind that hydration is key during a sauna visit, especially for children. Salty snacks or electrolyte drinks are another great item to keep on hand for your family sauna session. The salt leaving the body can be replenished easily and then washed down with an electrolyte drink or nearby ice-cold water.

Safety First

Children need supervision, and this is true in a sauna also. Be sure to teach your children the need to move slowly and carefully in the sauna to prevent falls and other injuries. They can learn to appreciate a quiet, relaxing environment when they understand the rules and can responsibly follow through. 

Children and the Sauna

A Finnleo® Far-Infrared Sauna is a great family choice. This type of sauna, unlike the traditional sauna, heats the body from the inside out. An infrared sauna operates at a lower temperature, and its heat source is more concealed. This type of sauna does not work well with “splashing water” mentioned above. It is also more compact than a traditional sauna, something to keep in mind for space reasons. 

At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we carry beautiful, therapeutic Finnleo® Saunas. Let one of our experienced team members answer any specific questions you have about sauna use and benefits, including “Can children use saunas?” You and your family will love sauna health benefits and will enjoy another way to spend time together at home. Visit one of our stores today, and see what 40 years of excellence is all about!