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Can I Use Essential Oils in My Hot Tub?

Essential oils are all the rage nowadays. Many of the scents are relaxing and provide other health benefits through aromatherapy and/or skin application. We know when you’re using your hot tub, that you want maximum relaxation. So you may be wondering, “Can I use essential oils in my hot tub?” We’re here to help you answer that question.

The Short Answer

The short answer to “Can I use essential oils in my hot tub?” is no. You can’t use essential oils in your hot tub. According to Hot Spring®, one of our premier spa manufacturers, hot tubs are designed to process thin liquids like water, not thicker oils. Using these oils can cause damage to your hot tub. Since the hot tub’s filters aren’t designed to filter out these substances, they will build up in the hot tub. 

In addition, not all essential oils are safe for skin. Even though they can be safely diffused in the air, these oils need to be added to a carrier oil in order to be safe for your skin. Adding these oils directly to water is not an effective substitute, since you’ll be getting in the water. This means you’re left with the option of either adding even more oil to the hot tub through the carrier oil or damaging your skin. So, unfortunately, with essential oils it’s a lose-lose situation. However, you do have other aromatherapy options for your hot tub. 

What can I use instead?

Even though essential oils aren’t good to use in your hot tub, there are still other ways you can use aromatherapy in your spa. For example, Hot Spring has aromatherapy scents that work with their hot tubs. Their products come in four scents so you’re sure to find one you love with the aromatherapy benefits you desire. These include: 

  • Citrus Blossom to invigorate mind and body
  • Island Escape for the ultimate relaxation
  • Spring Shower, featuring a soothing soak
  • Zen Garden, your key to a peaceful retreat

The MPScents® non-chlorine oxidizer plus aromatherapy products are designed to be safe for your hot tub while also providing you relaxation and the other aromatherapy benefits above. In addition, there’s no chlorine included in these products, so you’re still getting the benefits of Hot Spring’s FreshWater® salt or traditional sanitizing system. Unlike essential oils, using these aromatherapy products is a win-win!

Use Aromatherapy Safely

Hot tubs are a both a financial and health investment. As such, you want to make sure anything you’re adding to your spa is safe for both you and your hot tub. To keep you and your spa safe, only use products that are labeled safe for hot tub use. Also make sure you buy them from a reputable hot tub dealer like Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. Our staff will help you find the best product and scent for your aromatherapy goals and will make sure the products are safe for your hot tub. Give us a call or visit your local Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa location, and we’ll help you pick the perfect aromatherapy product.