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Can I Use My Hot Tub After I Eat?

You may have heard of the rule not to swim right after you eat, but does the same rule apply to your hot tub? The short answer is that there isn’t solid evidence for not eating before or using a hot tub after eating. At Maximum Comfort, we know it is a frustrating answer, but until science can tell us otherwise, chances are, you can soak in your hot tub after you eat. Since different people hold different opinions, it will ultimately be up to you to decide what is best for your body. We have a few questions you can ask yourself to help you determine what might be best for you and your loved ones.

How does it affect digestion if I use a hot tub after I eat?

This is where the most significant debate lies. Some people will tell you that soaking in a hot tub after eating improves digestion, while others say it hinders digestion. The reality is there isn’t science to prove either side just yet.

What we do know for a fact is that the warm water of the hot tub can cause your blood vessels to dilate. How this impacts digestion is up for debate. Some say that this confuses the body, and blood is drawn away from your digestive system to the surface of your skin. This would subsequently impede digestion. If you are, in fact, diverting blood flow, your body can’t digest food as efficiently.

Others will argue that vasodilation actually helps you digest food, and all of the extra blood flow allows more blood to reach your digestive system improving digestion. Again, there is no science to prove this as truth either. 

How does it make my body feel if I use a hot tub after I eat?

We know everyone’s body is different and may respond in numerous ways. The best way for you to decide what is best for your body is to experiment. With no science available to help us choose one way or the other, we have to test things for ourselves. 

Try eating something lighter to begin with, and then hop in your hot tub. Check in with your body. How do you feel? You can try a little heavier food next time if things go well. If you have any sort of weird sensation or digestive issues, play it safe and don’t eat before hot tubbing.

If you prefer to play things safe from the beginning, you can wait for twenty minutes or so after eating before hopping in. This will ensure your body has time to get those digestive juices flowing before adding heat. This is totally your call. 

It is always in your best interest to check in with your body when trying something new or different, and this is the only way to know if something is working for you specifically or not. You can also check with your doctor if you have specific health concerns about your hot tub use. 

The most important thing is to stay hydrated.

No matter what you decide to do food-wise, staying hydrated is the most crucial aspect of using your hot tub. The heat can cause you to sweat and dehydrate, so make sure you drink plenty of water to take care of your body. 


If you have more specific questions, Maximum Comfort is here to help. Reach out and let us know what we can do for you today.