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Can sauna use lower your risk for stroke?

It’s all over the news – from science journals to leading papers and magazines – frequent sauna use may lower your stroke risk. (As if you needed another reason to spend time in a sauna from Maximum Comfort.)

But it’s true. A study of 1600 adults ages 53-74 in Finland found that those who used a sauna at least four times a week were 60 percent less likely to suffer a stroke compared to people who only used a sauna once a week.

That’s a pretty big difference!

Sauna & Heart Health

The researchers say the study adds to the evidence that sauna use benefits your cardiovascular health – past studies have shown that frequent sauna users have lower rates of dementia and heart disease, lower blood pressure and more.

Sure, there can be many differences between people who use a sauna a lot, and those who don’t. But in this study they took all of that into account, factoring things like smoking, exercise habits, age, income, and other stroke risk factors. If you’re interested in living a healthy life, that’s a pretty big recommendation for using a sauna several times a week.

But traveling to the gym to use the sauna is inconvenient, and using a communal sauna isn’t always a soothing experience. The solution? An in-home sauna from Maximum Comfort.

We proudly carry Finnleo Saunas in traditional and far-infrared models, plus unique infra-sauna technology that combines the best of both. And if you think you don’t have enough room for your own sauna, think again! Custom cut saunas can be built almost anywhere in your home – an unused closet, a master bath, or similar space.

Ready to learn more about saunas, options, and today’s technology? Stop by our showroom in Vail or Frisco today. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions – and you could have your new sauna installed in time for ski season!

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