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Can’t Sleep, Tired of Counting Sheep

Every year millions of people suffer from sleep issues.

There have been numerous studies, and billions of dollars spent on sleep studies. At some point in everyone’s life we need help with falling asleep. One of the reasons we are so invested in the spa industry is that spas are changing people’s lives. Owning a spa is causing people to live longer, relax and stay healthy. At Maximum Comfort we practice what we preach “Every Day Made Better!”

Catching more Zzz’s begins with a nightly routine.

We spend years teaching our children and then grandchildren the benefits of a nightly routine. It’s signals to your brain it’s time to relax. With Americans being busier than ever before we absolutely need a way to relax, to get away and have some peace. Just like a child we too need a healthy nightly routine. Shut off the tv, put the phone on silent and slip out the back door to your private oasis.

Your spa awaits. When you get in your spa your mind begins to relax, the warmth of the water enveloping your body. With the tension releasing as the jets massaging your tired and sore muscles, along with the weightless feel of being submerged in water, you feel yourself shutting the world out. For the first time today you are at peace, your heart rate slows, your blood pressure comes down and all your problems grow smaller. Hydrotherapy is at work!

You are so relaxed you are actually ready for bed. You feel like a child again wanting someone to just carry you to bed and tuck you in. You put your robe on and get ready for bed. You slip between the covers and before you know it you’re off to dreamland wondering why you waited so long for that spa!

We are not in the business of selling hot tubs to just sell hot tubs. We are wanting to change lives and we can do that by offering hydrotherapy.

If people can feel better they are going to be happier and healthier, and at the end of the day we can truly say we have done our job at making  “Every Day Made Better!” for Vail and Frisco Colorado.

Feel free to browse our online selection of hot tubs and spas online and then be sure to stop by either of our two locations. See you soon!

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