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Change Things Up with a Workation

Working from home is easier than it’s ever been. Technology enables us to complete so many tasks from the comfort of our couch. Taking a vacation from work is not always as easy. Too many things tie us down and keep us from making plans to leave town. Why not change things up with a workation? 

In scenic Colorado, there are gorgeous vacation homes that would be perfect for a workation. You could travel to your vacation house, complete the work you need to do, and get in several days of relaxing. Let’s talk about how to spend your workation.

Start with a Swim

You don’t have to concern yourself with prepping the pool for your arrival. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa offers incredible route service options. Our skilled technicians will make sure that your pool is clean, chemically balanced, and calling your name. Just call in advance before you arrive to relax.

A morning swim is a great way to get your brain and body ready for a few hours of productive work. The endorphins your body produces as you exercise will improve your mood. You will be glad you made it a point to get away from your normal routine, even for a workation.

If you need an indoor swimming option at your personal resort, an Endless Pools® Fitness System is a wonderful option. You can swim for exercise and then pause for a massage before you begin your day’s work. 

Soak Up Sensations in a Sauna

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the benefits of an in-home sauna. Including a Finnleo Sauna at your vacation home will make you wonder how you ever lived without one. A sauna is the perfect place to close out the craziness of life. 

You can just sit and let your body enjoy the medicinal effects of heat bathing. Releasing toxins will give you smoother, healthier skin. Regular heat baths will give your immune system and circulation system a boost as well. One more advantage that a routine sauna session provides is a lower chance of getting diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

If you love to do a daily exercise routine, a sauna is the perfect pre-workout activity for raising your body’s temperature and loosening your muscles for a good stretch. You can also utilize a sauna post-workout to help your muscles recover from their exertion.

Pause for Pampering

A spa is a welcome diversion anytime of the day. If you feel the work overwhelming you, pause for some pampering in your hot tub. Hot tub benefits are astounding. A relaxing massage will relieve your stress and aching muscles, giving you a new burst of energy to accomplish your goals for the day as you change things up with a workation. 

Maybe your work day was overwhelming. Feel like sleep is far away? A soak in the hot tub will get your body on its way to some deep sleep. As you sit in the swirling, warm water, you will feel your body fully relax. There’s no feeling quite like it. Caring for your body is just as important as caring for your work responsibilities.

Grab Groceries for the Grill

One more item a vacation home needs is a gorgeous grill. You will love having leisure time to stop and grill as you change things up with a workation. The work will get done eventually. Just make sure you enjoy all the features of your vacation home during your visit. Call us @ 970-949-6339 to get your workation planning started! Come see us when you visit your vacation home for any amenities you need to help you relax completely.