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Chill Out in Your Hot Tub in the High Rockies

Are you thinking that the outdoor summer temperatures will keep you from enjoying your hot tub during this season? Think again! A hot tub is the ideal place to chill out, anytime and anywhere. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has adopted “Every Day Made Better” as our motto. We are Colorado’s experts in our industry because we assist you in finding the products you need for making every day better. We know just how to help you make the best use of your outdoor living space and all the amenities it includes. Here are some tips for helping you chill out in your hot tub in the High Rockies. 

Social Soaking is Spectacular

Getting together with friends and family often is important. A hot tub is the perfect place to spend your regular gatherings with the ones you love the most. We proudly carry Hot Spring® Spas and Freeflow Spas®. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss the fantastic features each of these high-quality products provide for your enjoyment. 

Summer social time is well spent in a therapeutic hot tub. You and your loved ones can enjoy a massage while you chill out together. It’s a wonderful way to step away from the stresses of life and just chat and laugh carefree. There is no need to plan an extravagant double date night when you have access to the ideal oasis for relaxation right in your backyard. 

Refreshments Recommended

As you spontaneously enjoy your hot tub this summer, be sure that you have plenty of refreshments to offer your guests. Ice cold water and other beverages are enjoyable and essential. There are many ways to keep the drinks cold if your hot tub does not have a built-in cooler. Find a fun, summer-themed inflatable cooler for a festive addition to the hot tub.

Snacks can come in handy too when you or your companions get the munchies. Non-perishable snacks are easy to keep accessible for this purpose. When anyone needs a break from the warm water, make sure you have some comfortable seating options nearby. We have beautiful patio furniture that you can add to your backyard setup to utilize during the beautiful, lazy days of summer. 

Temperature Altering is Appealing

Altering the temperature of the hot tub water can help to make the water more appealing during the warmer months. As long as the temperature is just slightly lower than the average body temperature, it can still be refreshing. Your body will not feel stifled by the heat this way. You will also still be able to enjoy all of the benefits a hot tub has to offer. So bump the temp down as low as you want for a refreshing soak.

Shunning the Sun is Suggested

One more way to better enjoy your hot tub during the summer is to shun the sun. Plan your soaking time before or after the heat of the sun is bearing down on the yard. There is no need to try to combat the heat of the sun while trying to enjoy a warm massage in your spa.

Are you searching for a hot tub in Vail? Do you have a hot tub that needs some attention to be soaking ready? Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is here for all your hot tub questions and needs. Prepare to chill out in your hot tub this summer and all year round. Contact us today!