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Our Comprehensive Guide to Pool and Spa Service

While hot tub and pool maintenance may sound stressful, we are experts in both fields at Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. Our goal is to ensure your pool and hot tub are clean, running, and ready when you are! With our 40-plus years of experience, we have compiled our comprehensive guide to pool and spa service. Following these guidelines and utilizing our impeccable services, your pool and hot tub will be ready to go all year round.

When should I schedule pool openings?

One of the first things you want to know is when you can safely open your pool in Summit County and Eagle County. You want your pool to be ready to dive in as soon as it is warm enough, and making sure the pool is open and prepared is the most significant barrier to that. Putting your name on Maximum Comfort’s schedule as soon as possible ensures that your pool and hot tub are ready

Even if you do not live in the area but have a second home here, we can ensure everything is up and running for when you arrive. Our experienced team will complete the service and then take photos to send to you, guaranteeing that everything is up to your standards. All you have to do is grab your suit and a towel when you arrive, and we will have everything else in place.

Our experts stay busy doing around 1,000 services each week. The sooner you get your name on our schedule, the better! Call today to guarantee your spot. 

Where can I test my pool water in Summit and Eagle County?

If you want to have your water tested professionally, look no further than our in-store experts. We will process the water sample you provide to give you a specific breakdown. This breakdown will let you know precisely what is happening with your water to remedy any issues efficiently. 

If you don’t want to come into the store, you can give our service team a call, and we will come to you. While our professionals are present, they can also fix any problems they find with the water. Having our service team come out will save you a trip to our store and then wait for us to be able to come to you to fix the problem.

If you are already signed up for one of our service routes, we will check your water each time we service your pool or hot tub. Signing up for one of these coveted spots will prevent any surprise issues and ensure that your hot tub and pool are ready to go when you want them.

What is included in a pool and spa service route?

Our team of experienced and certified professionals will arrive based on your set schedule. We can come weekly to keep things in perfect running order, or we can go monthly, bi-monthly, or even seasonally. We will provide service as often as you want and/or need.

While our team is at your home, they will check the water in your pool and hot tub. They will also balance the water chemistry and check to be sure that parts are functioning correctly. If they see any issues, they will take care of them while present, if possible. They will also clean the pool and hot tub each visit. 

After the service is complete, they will take photos of the finished results. You will get these emailed to you date and time stamped so that you can see for yourself everything is as you want it. This is especially helpful if you’re not currently at your vacation home, if you have one. Our expert and trusted service team will ensure you can enjoy your space for years to come.

How do I know if it’s time for a pool or spa service?

There are a few obvious signs that will be easily noticeable if you require a pool or spa service. If your filters aren’t working properly, you see discolored water, have inconsistent temperatures, or experience eye and skin irritation, you will know that it is time to give us a call. All of these things can mean something more serious may be going on. Protecting your investment requires fast action on your part and not delaying. The longer you let something go, the worse the problem will become. 

If you are questioning things with your pool or hot tub, call us, and we will be happy to walk through some things with you to provide a more personalized response to this question. 

Can you have a pool and spa service at the same time?

Our team of technicians can do a pool and spa service at the same time! While others may feel more confident servicing one over the other, we can comfortably service your pools and hot tubs. Employees are trained and certified to have all the knowledge necessary. It is a time and money saver to be able to use the same company for both purposes. Signing up for our service route will ensure that no matter when or what you are using, your pool and hot tub will always be clean, ready, and running for you when you want them.

When should I schedule a pool closing?

This answer will be the same as opening a pool. The sooner you get on our schedule, the better. It is never too early to call and get your name down. The sooner you do so, the more options of dates you will have. 

It can be unwise to wait to close your pool during the winter as things can freeze and cause a lot of damage. All it takes is one bad storm to generate thousands of dollars in damages to your pool. Be sure you have yours taken care of before winter hits this season. 


If you are on our regular routes for pool and spa service, all of these things will be taken care of for you. Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa experts will be at your home regularly, keeping a trained and watchful eye on your investments. This will allow you to enjoy your space more and stress about it less. We can’t wait to help you get the most out of your pool and hot tub this year!