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Why Covana is the Best Colorado Hot Tub Cover

A good hot tub cover is a necessity for every hot tub. It locks the heat in and keeps water from evaporating, it protects your spa, prevents unwanted bathers from entering the water without permission, and even limits how much water care chemicals you need to use. However, not all hot tub covers are created equal and one cover shines above the rest (especially in Colorado). Covana! Here are 5 reasons a Covana cover is a must for your Colorado hot tub.

1. Easy for One Person to Maneuver 

If you’ve ever manhandled a traditional hot tub cover singlehandedly, you know how unwieldy they can be. Cover lifters make the job possible for one person, but nothing is as easy as a Covana Cover. You simply turn a switch and the fully-automated cover raises. 

2. The Unique Covana Weather Sealing System

Your hot tub cover has a big part in protecting your water, especially in winter. Covana covers are tight-fitting and high-insulating to ensure optimal heat retention. In other words, your Covana cover will save water, energy, and water care chemicals.

In fact, Covana covers are made in Canada and designed to handle tough, Canadian winters. If they can retain heat and provide energy-efficiency through those conditions, you can be confident it will make your Colorado hot tub energy efficient all year.  

3. Covana Hot Tub Covers are Built to Handle the Elements

A Covana Cover won’t budge in high winds. It won’t be faded by the sun’s damaging rays. The hard exterior makes it easy to brush off snow. It’s even bear-proof. Whatever nature throws at it, your Covana Cover is well able to withstand. 

4. Locks Securely

A securely locked hot tub is vital for every spa owner, but especially for those with Colorado vacation homes. When you’re out of town, you need the peace of mind that your hot tub is secure and that no one can easily access it. A Covana cover gives you that assurance. It locks securely in place so unwanted bathers are a non-issue.

5. Built-In Canopy

When you buy a Covana you get two things in one: a hot tub cover plus a fully-automated gazebo. When you raise the cover, it locks securely in position and provides the ideal, cozy shelter. You’ll appreciate its protection during rain, snow, and under the sun’s rays. And if privacy and intimacy are what your backyard oasis needs, the Covana cover is the perfect solution!

They come in many designs to fit your style and needs, including those with privacy screens to help you create the ultimate hideaway. 


Want to see a Covana cover in action? Visit us and test out how easy it is to use for yourself!