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Create Your Own Home Gym

Everyday you carve out time to drive to the gym so you can fit in your daily workout. Once you finally make it to the gym, the experience is not exactly ideal. You have to wait for the machine you need only to find the person who used it before you left it all sweaty. You always end up stuck running next to the that lady who doesn’t care that you are trying to get in the zone and continues to make small talk throughout your whole run. You leave feeling good that you accomplished your workout, but that rejuvenated post workout feeling is just not there.

If only you could step into your own gym, where there is no line, the equipment is always clean, the playlist is uniquely yours, you can get into the zone, and you end your workout feeling energized and rejuvenated. With a little help from Maximum Comfort  that dream can become a reality.


Whether you are a runner, a cyclist or ellipticals are more your style, your cardio equipment is one of the most important pieces you will purchase for your home gym.

We carry Precor Cycling Equipment that offers a smooth, quiet workout three ergonomic riding positions, and a touch screen design that rivals the best personal electronics. If cycling isn’t your thing, we carry Bodyguard ellipticals and treadmills that offer top of the line features so your workout can be everything you need it to be. Your biggest problem will be deciding which pieces of equipment are right for your home gym.

Weight Training

Your home gym isn’t really a full gym unless it has cardio and weight training equipment. We are proud to carry a complete line of Vectra Fitness home gyms. With unique designs and superior engineering Vectra Fitness offers commercial grade home gyms that deliver a total body workout in the comfort of your own home.

If you are ready to give up the local fitness center for good, stop by and see us at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa. We will help you plan your ideal home gym so your workout can get back to what it should be.

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