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DIY versus Professional Pool Maintenance in Summit County

With the fun of pool ownership comes the task of keeping the pool at its best to ensure the health and safety of all who enjoy its refreshing water. As with anything of value, regular maintenance is a must. The more often a pool is used, the more regularly the water must be cleaned and checked for accurate chemical balance. DIY versus professional pool maintenance in Summit County is a choice that all pool owners must make. 

Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is celebrating our 40th year in the Vail Valley of advising pool owners about maintenance and servicing pools for satisfied customers. Throughout the Vail Valley, our reputation for superb service is well known. We are thankful for our professional, passionate, capable, experienced team.

Consider the Costs of DIY Pool Maintenance

Money Spent

Many people like to tackle their pool maintenance as a personal challenge. If this is your style, you might love the work that it requires. Our store carries BioGuard® pool products that you can have confidence in using. Our trusted products yield reliable results, which makes DIY pool maintenance a little simpler to manage. Self maintenance will also require financially investing in all of the necessary equipment to accompany the high-quality chemicals a pristine pool needs. You will need test kits, a vacuum, a net, a skimmer, and a brush, just to name a few things.

Time NOT Spent Swimming

After you’ve considered the monetary costs of initial maintenance, remember that the process is repeated often. Your time will be required to keep the pool clean and safe. At least once a week, you will need to test the water for chemical balance and vacuum to remove debris. You must also make sure that the pump, filter, and skimmer are performing well. If the pool gets extra use, these tasks will need to be increased. 

Trial and Error

Chemistry balance and all that the pool world demands can bring a lot of trial and error for the pool keeper. If you choose to accept the challenge and DIY, you may experience exasperation and frustration before you reach satisfaction. However, Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is here to help you every step along the way.  We even offer free water analysis and expert advice, so that you can be assured that you are maintaining your pool water correctly.

Believe in the Benefits of Professional Pool Maintenance

Freeing Your Time

Busy schedules are the norm for most households. Hiring a professional pool maintenance crew gives you the freedom to be able to enjoy the pool without being concerned for its upkeep. Across the central Rocky Mountain region, pool owners are eager to sign up for our pool maintenance services. Our skilled technicians provide one of the largest programs around, and they carefully log their service time and communicate their work to the pool owners. 

Meeting Your Needs

You can request our route services as often or as little as you need them. If you frequent your pool often, a weekly visit would be ideal. Also, you can have a bi-monthly or even monthly service if those suit your needs. Need a vacation home prepped before you arrive? No problem! Just get your name on our list before you travel in. A visit includes a complete cleaning, a testing and balancing of the chemicals, checking the equipment for any issues, and assessing the pool for any problems or damages unnoticed by a normal glance. 

Enjoying Your Pool Completely

When you choose our specialized pool service, you can relax and enjoy the water anytime you want. You do not have to feel rushed or panicked about needing to care for your pool. Call us today at 970-949-6339 to get signed up for your own ultra-easy service. With Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, pool ownership has never been so enjoyable!