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Do Hot Tubs Improve Home Value?

Thinking about adding a hot tub to your home or condo, but wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment? While in some areas of the country it might be a finer line – here in the mountains, adding a hot tub to your property is almost always a safe bet.

Just imagine …

The appeal of a long, soothing soak after a day spent on the slopes in the winter, or hiking and biking in the summer. Your muscles will thank you!

The fun of enjoying your hot tub with family and friends.

The pleasure of viewing the stars in a clear mountain sky from the warmth and comfort of soothing water.

It’s easy to get these benefits from your hot tub while you own your property. But to make sure these benefits are reflected in your property value, there are certain things you should consider.


How your hot tub is installed can have a bit of an impact on the value it brings. Spas installed in a deck or patio bring the most value, closely followed by those installed on a deck or patio and integrated with a pergola, gazebo or other structure.


No one wants to be on display when they’re using their hot tub. Spas with privacy bring value to your home, whether that privacy comes from strategically placed landscaping, fencing, or another type of structure.


Having a spa that’s well-cared for is key. A spa with a deteriorated cabinet or shell, or unclean water won’t add value. The area around the spa should be well-maintained, too. Accumulated debris, deteriorated decking and other such elements can detract from your home’s overall value, and turn your hot tub into a detraction instead of a feature.


Finally, it’s important to make sure the spa you purchase is a quality spa if you want it to be an investment that brings value to your home. Since inexpensive spas don’t hold up over time, they become something that future homeowners see as an added expense instead of a benefit.

If you’re ready to add a hot tub to your home, we can help you choose the model that’s perfect for your space and your budget. Make an investment in your home and your lifestyle with a quality hot tub today!