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Do I Need to Test My Pool Water in Winter?

The question, “Do I need to test my pool water?” can be a tricky one. We all know that keeping your water balanced in your pools and spas is crucial to their maintenance and continued enjoyment. If things ever get out of hand, it can be difficult to correct them on your own. However, the experts at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa are no strangers to pool chemistry and have advice on when or why you should or should not test your pool water in winter. 

Do I need to test my pool water in winter if I close my pool?

Probably not. If your pool has been properly winterized, there is no need to continue testing the water. The temperatures routinely drop low enough in Vail and Frisco, Colorado, (below 45 degrees F), which means algae will not be able to grow. Winterizing pool products also help with keeping these things at bay. 

If you would like our service team to come and close or open your pool for you, reach out and let us know. We will have the chemicals necessary to ensure that your pool is protected throughout the harsh winter months. We will also be able to have your pool up and running for spring when it is time to reopen everything. You can also join our service routes to make sure your pool is ready to use when you are. 

Do I need to test my pool water if I put a winter cover on my pool?

No. The colder temperatures, the protective cover, and winterizing chemicals should keep everything safe until springtime. It would also be quite tedious to get to the water regularly with a winter cover in place on your pool. 

With a winter cover in place, you will want to ensure you care for your pool in other ways. Making sure large amounts of snow, water, or ice are removed from it regularly is a big one. You will also want to make sure the water level doesn’t drop too low, causing undue strain on the cover. Our service department can also help with these things if you like. We aim to keep your pool in top condition at all times, no matter the season. 

Can you guys come to check my water throughout the winter if I am nervous about it?

Absolutely! If leaving your pool water unchecked for that amount of time makes you nervous, we are here to help. We have the largest service fleet in the Vail and Frisco area and have time to ensure your pool is cared for year-round. We would love for you to have the peace of mind you need knowing that a knowledgeable serviceman is regularly at your home looking things over. 


Whether you are in Vail for the holidays or with family, you can rest assured in the fact that the Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa service team will be making regular stops by your home to check on the status of your pool and spa. We will take care of anything we find that needs our attention and keep you informed of all that is going on with your pool and spa. Take time to get your pool off your mind this holiday season, and let us worry about it for you.