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Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

Do you remember the kids all tucked in their beds in The Night Before Christmas? The biggest day of the year was drawing near, but all they dreamt about was visions of sugar plums. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the sugar plums, but the occasion was about much more than a few candies.

Preparing to purchase your first hot tub can evoke the same experience for some folks. It’s the whole spa experience that should consume your dreams. Yet, the anticipation of the jets – and how many there will be – take the place of the sugar plums. It wouldn’t be a hot tub without the jets, but the spa is about much more than a few jets. Or a lot of jets.

How many jets should your spa have?

The only one who can answer that question is you. At Maximum Comfort, we know that you don’t know the answer. That is why we are here to help you determine the right solution for you.

Among the first things we need to know is how many people will be using your spa. Is it just for romance with you and your spouse? Will it be for the relaxation of a family of four? Will it be a center of recreation during backyard parties? Or all of the above?

What kind of seating arrangement will suit you best?

A six-person spa might have more jets than a two-person, but there are other factors required to make the right decision. Will you use it for general stress relief or will you need it for some specific therapeutic benefits?

It is entirely possible that a two-person spa in which massage therapy is the primary concern could have more jets that a larger spa intended for quiet relaxation.

What kind of jets should your spa have?

Having answered the previous questions, we are well on the way to determining how many jets mean a better spa for you.

It is not the quantity of jets. It is having the kinds of jets that will give you the benefits you are seeking. Jets come in a variety of styles, each with their own features. For example,

  • Directional Precision® Jets relieve tension in focused areas of your body. Point them to where you want them by adjusting the directional nozzles.
  • Rotary Precision® Jets will make you think you are getting a massage from a professional masseuse. These function like the Directional Precision® Jets but their rotational action provides another level of comfort.
  • Each Soothing Stream® Jet has 12 individual ports that emit a broad stream ideal for gentle relief.

Even more types of jets are available and can be installed in combinations where you would like to have them.

Speaking of combinations, many of our hot tubs are available with pre-engineered arrays of jets. You’ll want to check our Moto-Massage® DX Jets that sweep two streams up and down your back or our Quartet® Jet that is specifically designed to be a companion to the Moto-Massage DX. Perfectly positioned at the neck and shoulders, these four horizontally linear jets complete one of the most relaxing jet combinations available today.

These are only a few of the jet options available on Maximum Comfort spas. If you really want the spa of your dreams, stop by one of our showrooms in Vail or Frisco today. Let us help you discover the right number of jets for your spa. Don’t waste time worrying if more jets mean a better spa. Dream about sugar plums instead.