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Enjoy Fall in Colorado – hiking, biking, and hot tubbing

Is there anything like fall in Colorado? Every season here is special, but there’s just something wondrous about this time of year when everything is in transition. It’s a fantastic time to enjoy the great outdoors.

The air is crisp, fresh, clean. The sky – so blue and crystal clear. Sparkling sunlight. A hint of woodsmoke from someone’s fireplace just tickles your nose. And the colors! All those beautiful fall colors surround you no matter where you go. It’s all the more enjoyable knowing that in just a few short weeks the trails you hike and bike on today will be covered with snow.

So get out there an enjoy every minute. And when you get home, ease your aches and pains in a hot tub from Maximum Comfort.

There’s no better way to soothe your muscles after a day spent on the trails. Consider the jets in our Hot Spring Spas. They’re designed to target those muscle groups that trouble you most, directing powerful streams of water to your calves, back, neck and more. (Wouldn’t that feel lovely after such an active day?)

And while a hot tub is perfect post-workout, it’s also perfect on a chilly fall night. Ease back in the deliciously warm water and gaze at the stars. (Maybe you’ll spot Aquarius and Pegasus.) Enjoy your favorite music with your Hot Spring Spa’s Bluetooth sound system, or relax with the peaceful sounds of nature. Spend some time alone decompressing from a stressful day or week, or spend some quality time with your special someone.

If you don’t yet have a hot tub of your own, come to see us in Frisco or Vail, Monday – Saturday. We’d love to discover your needs, help you choose the spa that’s perfect for you, and even arrange a service schedule to make sure your spa is always in perfect condition, even when you’re out of town.

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