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Expand your Fall pool season

Just because it’s Fall (or very nearly so!), it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to close your pool. In fact, a lot of people around here leave their pools open longer than you might think. But as we head into shorter days and longer nights – and the cooler weather that brings – there are a few things you should keep an eye on if you plan to continue enjoying your pool.

Fall Pool Tips

  1. To keep your pool open longer, a properly functioning pool heater is essential to stave off the chill that can develop during those chilly nights.
  2. During the summer, your pool loses some water to evaporation. Because of that and, frankly, because more people are using it (Who doesn’t love a refreshing swim on a warm summer day?), your pool needs more chemicals to maintain the proper water balance. In the Fall, the amount of chemicals required will change. Chemistry will need to be checked weekly at this point.
  3. With the changing seasons comes those changing leaves we all love … until they end up in the pool. That means more frequent skimming to remove debris; otherwise, the bottom of your pool can actually become stained.
  4. Since it’s likely you’ll be using your pool less in the Fall, you should also be able to run your pump and filter less frequently. Four to 8 hours a day is likely enough to keep your water as it should be under these conditions. A timer for your system makes this easy.

Now for the really good news – Maximum Comfort can provide all of these services for you. Contact us today to discuss a Fall pool maintenance plan. After all, can you think of anything more relaxing than floating in your pool, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the beauty of the changing leaves – without having to worry about the upkeep? Neither can we.

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