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Festive Fall Recipes to Try on Your Backyard Grill

Crisp autumn afternoons and evenings are best spent outdoors! This must be why grilling is such a popular fall activity. From grilling burgers while the kids are carving pumpkins to smoking a pork shoulder in preparation for BBQ pulled pork on game day, there’s a million delicious reasons to fire up the grill this autumn. If you need a little inspiration, here are 3 of our favorite festive fall recipes to try on your backyard grill.

Smoked Ice

Okay, stay with us here. Smoked ice may sound too gourmet to try at home, but it’s actually easy. Smoked ice cubes will turn every cocktail and mocktail into a festive fall drink. Add smoked ice to whiskey sours, apple cider mimosas, old fashioneds, negronis, and mulled wine sangrias. It’s even great in a simple Arnold Palmer. The subtly smoky flavor this ice adds to any drink makes everything taste more like autumn feels. Check out this video from Lynx® Grills and then give it a try!

Grilled Trout

Whether you reel in a trout from Gore Creek yourself or you land your fish directly in the market, where it nicely comes wrapped in butcher paper, ready to be tossed on the grill, it’s the perfect ingredient for fall grilling. Trout, (and basically any other fish), is amazing with a little smoky grill flavor. Haven’t mastered the art of grilling delicate fish without losing pieces between the grill grates? Watch this video from Chef Nick Lieu for Weber® Grills! His technique of wrapping the trout in banana leaves before grilling ensures you’ll be presenting a whole, perfectly grilled fish at the table. 

BBQ Ribs

Baby back ribs are one of the quintessential game day foods. But what do you do if you’re feeding the whole crew but you only have a kettle sized grill, which doesn’t leave much room for multiple racks of ribs? Skip the mouthwatering ribs and grill hot dogs instead? Nope. Try this Stacked Ribs grilling method by Weber Grills!

Hopefully, these recipes have inspired you to enjoy more backyard meals this fall. If your backyard is lacking a great grill, let’s talk! We have a variety of Lynx and Weber models to fit every space and budget.