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Fun Summer Backyard Activities for Kids

Who wants to play video games when the weather’s warm and the sun is shining?! Well, your kids might, but we know you would rather them go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. But, it doesn’t have to be a battle to convince them to put down their devices and go outside — just entice them with these 5 fun backyard activities!

Help Your Kids Create a Clubhouse

You may be picturing wood, hammers, and hardhats, but there are a ton of fun and easy DIYs that don’t require construction tools. How about one of these?

  • Arrange your patio furniture or chairs in a square or circle, drape with lightweight blankets, and voilà! You’ve got an easy outdoor blanket fort. 
  • Did you skip your backyard shed when you were spring cleaning? Now would be a great time to Marie Condo it and clear out all the things you don’t need. Then, temporarily relocate the rest to your garage or basement and convert your shed into a clubhouse. Arrange some bean bag chairs, add a desk for all the art and slime-making, and fill a cooler with juice boxes. Your kids will love having their own hideaway!
  • Elevate the trampoline. You could drape blankets off the edges to create a giant fort. Or, pile pillows and cushions on top and create the ultimate kids’ reading nook.

Bring Out the Camping Gear

Taking the kids on a camping trip doesn’t have to mean leaving home. Put up the tent, build a campfire (or fire up the grill) and enjoy dinner and bedtime under the stars. Or, let the kids practice their merit badge skills by learning to assemble the tent themselves. Day or night, once it’s up, your kiddos will love escaping to the backyard and pretending they’re explorers on an adventure. 

Nothing Beats Waterworks

When the summer is in full swing, nothing is better than a refreshing dip in the pool. But, if you don’t have a backyard pool try one of these options instead:

  • Make it a cool, not hot, tub. Have you heard about the CoolZone™ hot tub cooling system from Hot Spring®? With the CoolZone system, you can easily cool your water down and then efficiently raise the temperature in just a few hours. Even if you don’t have the CoolZone system, you can cool your hot tub water down by removing the cover and cranking up the jets. Once the temperature has dropped lower than 95℉, it will feel cool when you’re immersed. This makes your cool tub the perfect family retreat on a hot day.
  • Opt for a mini-but-mighty backyard pool in the form of an Endless Pools® System. With an Endless Pools swim spa, you get the best of both worlds: a swimming pool and a hot tub. There are many Endless Pools options, including the RecSport™ Recreation System which has a big, wide-open play area for your kids to splash in. 

Bring on the Games

Backyard games are fun for the whole family. What’s your family’s favorite? Horseshoes, lawn darts, bean bag toss? Besides storebought games, there is a whole slew of DIY games to try. Challenge your kids to make a mini-golf course using household supplies to create obstacles. Work together to make a giant lawn matching game by painting designs on canvas or ceramic tiles. Or, let your kids take their favorite board game outside for a tournament under the summer sky.

Let Them Be the Stars of Their Own Movie

To create the stage, hang red curtains, or simply clip two lengths of red fabric to a clothesline. Then, let your kids write, produce, and direct their own play. They’ll be busy with the project for hours, or maybe even days. Then, once the show is ready and they’ve arranged the deck chairs around the stage, grab some popcorn and head outside for a one-of-a-kind theatre production.

Try these fun backyard activities, and it will be easy to keep your kids entertained and outside soaking up some vitamin D. And when you need a little help or inspiration, keep us in mind! We’d love to custom-design your backyard pool, set you up with an Endless Pools system, or help you spruce up your space with a new grill, firepit, or patio furniture. Whatever you need, choose Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa to ensure your backyard is the fun zone your kids will return to year after year!