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Get out of the arctic and into a spa

They say the mountains come to life in the winter. And in a sense, we suppose they do. After all, it IS ski season. But goodness, you better like the cold and snow. (And we suppose you do, or you wouldn’t have a home here.) But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a break from it now and then, too.

When the winter nights grow long, the winter wind blows hard and the cold seems just a little too sharp and, well, arctic – we have a solution. Simply sink into a spa from Maximum Comfort! (Just thinking about it makes you feel better already, doesn’t it?)

The warm, soothing water has immediate benefits. You instantly feel warmer, calmer. Your worries, cares and stresses melt away. Aches and pains? Gone. If you live in the “arctic,” you need a spa.

At Maximum Comfort, we proudly carry Hot Spring and Freeflow spas. Let’s learn a little more about each line and what they have to offer …

Hot Spring Spas

From the Hot Spot collection, which offers an excellent combination of quality, value and performance to the Highlife NXT collection, highly engineered spas that pack luxury and performance into the ultimate spa experience – Hot Spring offers it all.

With Hot Spring, you’ll also find innovations like the ACE Salt Water System that uses active oxygen to give you pure, clean spa water with fewer chemicals and the MotoMassage DX jet – two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down your back.

Freeflow Spas

Freeflow spas are all about convenience. If you want a spa that’s easy to set up and easy to move, Freeflow is for you, because they’re plug-and-play. What’s that mean? It means there’s no special installation required. Simply place your Freeflow where you want, fill it with an ordinary garden hose, and plug it into a standard outlet.

But convenience doesn’t mean lacking in features. You’ll find plenty of jets, comfortable seats, and some models include LED light features, too.

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