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Graduation Celebration in your Backyard

Graduation may look a lot different than you had expected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still plan an amazing celebration for your grad! This year, perhaps more than any other, graduates deserve a little extra pomp and circumstance. But, despite how it sounds, pomp and circumstance doesn’t have to be fancy. A casual backyard celebration will be fun for your grad, and a great way to toast her accomplishments. Here are a few ideas for some party inspiration. 

Bring Out the Memorabilia

From pictures to awards, this is your chance to showcase your grad’s awesomeness. So, display her senior pictures, make a collage that includes a picture from every school year, and bring out the scrapbook. Don’t forget to include lots of pictures of social activities and of her with her friends — that may be your grad’s favorite part!

Fire Up the Grill

Sunny backyard celebrations call for firing up the grill. And who doesn’t love smoky, chargrilled recipes? Go with classic burgers and hot dogs, grill your grad’s favorite recipe, or try this Classic Baby Back Ribs recipe from Weber®.  

When it comes to food, the main thing to remember is to keep things as simple as possible. Go ahead and do as much as you can in advance. After all, you want to be in the backyard celebrating your grad, not in the kitchen, slicing bell peppers for the veggie tray!

For the side dishes, pick faves, like mac and cheese or baked potatoes. You can prepare these the day before and just warm them up the day of the party. Or go the no-cook route. A cheese tray, vegetable tray, and store-bought potato salad will go just fine with your main dish. 

Go All Out with Color-Coordination

Your grad is saying goodbye to their school days and moving on to the next stage. It’s a bittersweet day for all of you. When they walk into their backyard celebration, they’ll be moved when they see all the school-colored decorations and accessories — so go BIG. Balloons, tablecloths, streamers, and disposable dinnerware will be easy to find in just the right color. If you’d rather not use plastic dinnerware, you may be able to rent tableware and serveware in their school colors. Or, ask your friends if anyone collects Fiesta® Dinnerware. Fiestaware comes in a rainbow of colors. You may be able to borrow the perfect colorful serving dishes for the occasion.

Whatever type of backyard gathering you put together for your grad, it’s sure to make her feel loved and celebrated! If your grill’s not up to the task of turning out mouthwatering food fit for a graduation celebration, upgrade to a Weber or Lynx®! It will be a favored backyard feature all year long. Stop by or contact us to set up a virtual consultation. We’ll get you all set up for the party of the year!