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High Rockies Holidays Meals on the Grill

Holidays are a special time to create memories and traditions with the people you love. The meals for these cherished gatherings are important because the day’s activities center around the food that everyone will enjoy. Why not use your grill to create unforgettable meals that will be sealed in those memories? Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa knows all about the leisure and recreation needs of the people of Colorado. Colorado’s experts in pool and spa, fitness, and outdoor living are here to help you plan your High Rockies holiday meals on the grill.


Thanksgiving Treats

First, let’s brainstorm some ideas for November’s epic holiday—Thanksgiving. There are certain foods that people expect to see on this big day. You can keep everyone happy by incorporating some fresh grilled entrees along with the traditional turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce. 

Potatoes are another must for many people on Thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes and gravy are a classic side, but you can always branch out for new ideas to try on the grill. Here are some twice-baked planked potatoes that would be a beautiful addition to your meal for many. These no small potatoes are another great option to consider for a different variety of potato.

Maybe that sweet potato casserole recipe that’s been handed down through countless generations just isn’t that popular at your house. What’s wrong with having two types of sweet potatoes, with one from the grill? These grilled mashed sweet potatoes are sure to be a new crowd favorite. 

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving treats can also be prepared on the grill. If your family loves pumpkin pie, you should try this grilled pumpkin pie. Another popular fall dessert is apple crisp. This grilled apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream is definitely worth trying too.


Christmas Creations

Next, let’s move to possibly the most beloved holiday of the year—Christmas. We all know that there are plenty of parties to attend throughout the month of December. Everyone loves a good Christmas party, and every party needs good food. This year, you can amaze everyone with some new party foods you create on your grill.

A skillet bacon-cheddar potato dip is a great place to start. Chips and dip are always a great choice for an appetizer. If you are tired of taking the same old veggie tray, there are other alternatives to try. These grilled baby veggies with arugula-mint pesto sauce are colorful and will add a healthy choice that is not the normal fare. A grilled fruit pizza is one more option for a sweet, healthy appetizer that will wow the crowds. 

Christmas creations on the grill definitely need to include something for the party goers with a sweet tooth. A cast-iron hot gingerbread cookie a la mode is definitely sure to hit the spot. These grilled pears are another dessert option that are sure to be popular. Peppermint brownies will add a festive twist to any Christmas party as well.


If you need a gorgeous grill to use for your High Rockies holiday meals on the grill, come see us at one of our two locations. With 40 years of experience to offer, we are able to provide so much more than just amazing pool accessories to Vail and the surrounding area. Dust the snow off your grill if necessary, and let the delicious food make your holidays even more magical this year.