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Highlife Hot Tubs: Features

The Highlife line is Hot Spring’s best-selling line of spas, for good reason. Ownership delivers the ultimate spa experience every day, in the comfort of your home. Designed in conjunction with BMW DesignWorks, Highlife delivers a fresh, modern look that you’ll never grow tired of with innovative jets, amazing filtration and water care, and money-saving efficiency.


Highlife designs their jets based on how you’ll actually use them. ComfortControl lets you adjust the strength of the jets to get the massage that’s most comfortable for you, while the SmartJet system lets you send power only to the jets you’re using.

There are seven different types of jets in a Highlife spa so that you can target massage different areas of your body. Use the precision jets to relieve tension in your neck, calves, and the exclusive Moto-Massage jet to provide sweeping relief up and down your back.


No one enjoys a dirty spa. That’s why Hot Spring has invested in water filtration and water care to help you keep your spa water clean and crystal clear, with as little work as possible. Innovations like the patented ACE Salt Water System help you spend less time maintaining your spa and use fewer bottled, water care products. And the industry-leading filtration – including dishwasher-safe Tri-X filters – matches the number of filters to the power of the pump so there’s always balanced filtration.


Highlife spas are “super energy-efficient,” delivering you the best value for your money over the length of your ownership. Every aspect of the spa has been optimized to efficiently create heat and maximize its retention. In each model, you’ll find multiple layers of foam insulation, covers designed to lock-in heat, a pump shroud that captures heat and transfers it back to the water and more.

The Highlife line has been designed from top to bottom, inside and out, to provide you with the absolute best hot tub ownership experience. Come by the showroom and see one today!

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