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Hope in Hydrotherapy for Autistic Children

Healthcare specialists are finding hope in hydrotherapy for autistic children. Last year, The Associated Press reported that “autism spectrum disorder is a particularly challenging condition to track.” That is because there is no bona fide medical test to confirm ASD accurately.

Treating autistic children is challenging because there is no known cure. ASD is not a disease. It can’t be cured by vaccination or medication.  It is “a biological and developmental disability.”  The accepted course of treatment is therapeutic rehabilitation. In fact, 2.5% of children in the United States have been diagnosed with ASD.  They will likely spend more time with a therapist than a medical doctor during their course of treatment.

Hope in Hydrotherapy Studies

A study conducted at the University of Puget Sound offers substantial proof that hydrotherapy is capable of generating both physiological and psychological improvements. Progress includes improvements in sensory processing, developmental progress, coordination, perceptual and spatial awareness, relaxation, self-esteem, and language development.

Hope in Hydrotherapy Practice

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta specializes in hydrotherapy for children and young adults.  With much success, they are using hydrotherapy to address autism. They attest to the benefits of buoyancy, resistance, and the pressure of jetted water. The combination seems to provide progressive improvement in strength, balance, flexibility, and mental and physical stability.

The CLH Healthcare Group in Great Britain claims that hydrotherapy is one of the most effective options for treating children with autism. Additionally, their anecdotal evidence demonstrates successes in improving sensory processing. They also note gradual reduction or elimination of the typical behaviors of tapping, humming, rocking, spinning, and head-nodding.

Concurrently, therapists report declines in antisocial and self-stimulatory behavior through hydrotherapy.

Hope for Hydrotherapy at Home

The benefits of hydrotherapy for autistic children are evident as more therapists use spas and pools in their programs. Naturally, it makes sense that a regular regimen of patiently spending time with an autistic child in a home hot tub, spa, or swimming pool may be beneficial when used along with professional therapy. The water experience is itself, therapeutic. Coordinated with a program of exercises, the combination can render significant improvement.

While your hot tub or pool can undoubtedly aid a child with ASD, Maximum Comfort strongly advises doing so in cooperation with and under the supervision of trained professional therapists. They will welcome your willingness to participate in your child’s treatment. After all, no one else, regardless of how kind and caring they are, can offer your child the same love and comfort they can find in your arms.

Imagine the joy that you will experience as you use your spa to help reduce the impact of autism on your child. You probably purchased your hot tub for your personal satisfaction. Moreover, imagine your sense of when you realize how it helped you to improve your child’s health and future.

Disclaimer: Maximum Comfort does not offer professional medical advice. This article is based on information from the sources noted and linked herein. We provide that information as a service in gratitude to our customers.