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Hot Spring is the Best Rocky Mountain Hot Tub on the Market

Rocky Mountain Facts:

  • What we know as the Rocky Mountains is really more than 100 separate mountain ranges.
  • The entire mountain chain stretches some 3000 miles, from British Columbia in Canada all the way down to New Mexico.
  • The Rocky Mountain vary in width, from as narrow as 70 miles, to more than 300 miles.
  • Pike’s Peak is the second most visited peak in the world, behind Japan’s Mount Fuji.
  • The Rocky Mountains are home to more than 1000 types of flowering plants, as well as trees.
  • Human population in the Rockies isn’t very dense, with an average of 4 people per square kilometer.
  • Of those people, many have a hot tub. And those that don’t, wish they did. 😉

If you’re shopping for a Rocky Mountain hot tub for your Rocky Mountain home, look to Hot Spring spas and Maximum Comfort. Given Hot Spring’s quality and performance, there’s no other spa that’s better suited to the mountain climate.

Of course, Hot Spring offers all the features you’re looking for like powerful jets, comfortable seating arrangements, water and light features and unique styling. But it’s the stuff you can’t see that makes Hot Spring perfect for your Rocky Mountain hideaway.

Yep – we’re talking about energy-efficiency. It’s important when your hot tub will sit outside in the cold and snow. The level of efficiency you achieve depends on the model you choose, but you can rest assured that with Hot Spring, energy-efficiency is always top of mind. Consider the Highlife series:

  • It’s completely insulated with multiple layers of foam to lock in heat.
  • The specially designed pump uses less energy than a 40W light bulb.
  • The unique spa cover includes a hinge designed to lock in heat.
  • The pump shroud captures heat from the equipment compartment and transfers it back to the water.

When you’re ready to take that Rocky Mountain leap (or you just want to ask a few questions 😉 ), come on in! We’d love to talk to you.