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Hot Tubs & Endometriosis

If you’re one of the 10% of women of reproductive age who deal with endometriosis, we have good news—a hot tub could help provide pain relief! Endometriosis ranges from mild to excruciating pain levels and modern medicine is still attempting to figure out effective treatment options. Fortunately, some endometriosis sufferers have found some relief with all-natural hydrotherapy. Here’s why hot tubbing could help. 

Heat Therapy Works

You’ve probably tried heating pads and hot showers, but warm baths are more effective. A hot tub could be even more effective thanks to the depth of the water. You’ll be able to fully submerge all affected areas, including your back. The heat helps relax your muscles and eases pain and cramps.

Hot Tub Soaks Lower Inflammation 

For many women, lowering their inflammation can help. That’s why many experts recommend limiting foods, like gluten and sugar, that cause inflammation and increasing anti-inflammatory foods, like turmeric and fish with omega-3 fatty acids. Soaking in a hot tub is another effective way to lower inflammation in the body. In fact, in a University of Oregon study, aimed at women with PCOS, researchers found that repeated heat exposure had a significant impact on lowering inflammation. That’s good news for women with endometriosis and other conditions who are looking for ways to lower inflammation, too!

Hot Tubs Promote Better Sleep

For those with endometriosis, self-care, including getting a good night’s rest is recommended. Here’s another area a hot tub could assist with. Not only will a hot tub soak before bed help ease painful symptoms and relax you, but it actually enhances the body’s natural sleep rhythm, making it easier to fall asleep. 

While medical science is still trying to find a cure for endometriosis, you might be able to find some pain relief with a hot tub! Ask your doctor if she recommends hot water hydrotherapy as a treatment for your painful symptoms. If you’re ready to try out a Hot Springs® Spas or Freeflow® Spas hot tub for yourself, visit us. We’ll help you find a hot tub that fits your space, needs, and budget!