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Hottest Hot Tubs of 2020

Each year, it’s fun to see what hot tub innovations and trends are the most popular. When it comes down to it, the hot tub you pick should be the one that fits your lifestyle, budget, and home the best. You want the one where the jets seem built to target your stubborn back pain…and we can help you find that! But, the hot tubs on this list are popular for a reason, and they come in an array of sizes and models, so you’ll still be able to find the one that feels best when you sink into the warm water. Today we’ll take a look at some of the hottest hot tubs of 2020 so you can decide if one of them just might be the spa you’ve been dreaming of!

Saltwater Spas

Thanks to the Freshwater™ Salt System by Hot Spring® Spas, saltwater spas are more popular than ever. The system has so many positive attributes

  • Gentle on skin – perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies, saltwater is way more gentle and has a natural feeling.
  • No strong chlorinated odor – it’s a misconception that there is no chlorine in a saltwater spa. Actually, these types of spas use salt and a saltwater chlorinator to make chlorine. However, there is much less chlorine and the chlorine smell is minimal.
  • You’ll enjoy savings on water, maintenance, and chemicals – the salt continually creates a flow of naturally produced chlorine that is always cleaning and sanitizing your water. It stays balanced longer, keeps your water soft longer, and requires fewer chemicals to be added to balance the spa. In fact, saltwater spas are so proficient at sanitizing water, you can go up to a year before having to drain, clean, and refill your spa! Our clients love this aspect of it. If you have owned a traditional spa, you may be surprised at how little maintenance your new saltwater spa will need.

The Freshwater Salt System is available on all Highlife® and Limelight® Collection hot tubs.

Plug-N-Play Spas

There was a time when hot tubs were just for the rich and famous. Now, hot tubs are for everyone…even those who don’t own a home! Freeflow® Spas are unique in that they don’t require any electrical or plumbing accommodations. Plus, they’re lightweight, so they’re easy to maneuver. With a Freeflow Spa, you just plug it into a regular household outlet and fill it up. Then, when your lease is up, it’s easy to take it with you! If you love hot-tubbing but a traditional hardwired hot tub won’t work for your home, you’ve got to check out our selection of Freeflow Spas.

Mini Spas

Hot tubs come in an array of size and seating options, but small 2-3 seat spas are having a moment. If you’re a 1-2 person household and you don’t expect a lot of guest bathers, a small hot tub might make a lot of sense. Best of all, small hot tubs are ideal for creating a private oasis! 

Create a sheltered nook on your patio or deck, install one in your sunroom, or go for gold and have a mini spa installed on your master bedroom balcony. You’ll never want to leave the house for date night again! 

Hot Tub Innovation

Recent hot tub innovations are impressive…and so fun! Which explains why spas with these bells and whistles are so popular. 

Hot Spring Connextion® Remote Monitoring System – Not only can you adjust the water temperature remotely (perfect for when you’re heading home from work and you want the hot tub to be ready when you get there), but with the Connextion System, it can actually alert both you and your hot tub dealer when service is needed.

Cool Zone™ Hot Tub Cooling System – you love slipping into the warm water on a cold day, but what about on the hottest summer day? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could still enjoy a soak? With the Cool Zone Hot Tub Cooling System, you can! You can cool the water all the way to 60°F. Then, the system will work with your hot tub heater to warm the temperature back up. You’ll be wowed as it warms the hot tub up to temperature in just a few hours. The Cool Zone System is great for summer days and hot-tubbing with young kids. It’s also ideal for athletes who would like to use both cold and hot water therapy. 


Today’s hot tubs are more energy-efficient and packed full of features than ever before. If you’re thinking of buying a new spa, 2020 is a great year to buy! You’ll come away with a retreat you’ll love using constantly. Stop by one of our showrooms and let us show you these amazing hot tubs in person. We’d love to answer all your questions and help you find your ideal spa.