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How a Sauna Can Give You a Healthier 2020 Year

If you’re after better health this year, a home sauna could be just what you need to meet your goals. Regular sauna use can help with everything from better cardiovascular health to clearer skin to less pain and a better quality of life. Here’s how. 

Deep Sweat

Whether you opt for a traditional sauna, a far-infrared one, or a hybrid that allows you to choose a different heating style with every sauna bath, they all stimulate the invigorating deep sweat that you’re after. This sweat helps flush toxins like chemicals and lead from your body. Plus, it’s great for your skin. It cleans your pores and sloughs off dead skin cells. 

Sauna Bathing has an Effect Similar to Aerobic Exercise for the Body

While you relax in a sauna, the warmth increases your heart rate to a range similar to aerobic exercise, usually between 120-150 beats per minute. Like exercise, sauna bathing also causes your body to release endorphins (natural, euphoric chemicals). This explains why sauna bathing is so effective at relieving stress and tension. Additionally, it increases your circulation, lowers your risk of high blood pressure, and boosts immunity. Who knew that fighting disease could include enjoying a relaxing break in a Finnleo® Sauna

Eases Sore Muscles

A sauna’s heat penetrates deep into your muscles and joints. As the heat works on your muscles, it releases tension and lowers inflammation. Plus, it increases blood flow to your muscles and throughout your body, which aids in healing and recovery. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Many studies have shown that people who engage in regular sauna baths are healthier. The findings show remarkable benefits in everything from pain management to stress-relief to heart health. Though not exhaustive, here are many of the benefits regular sauna use can provide:

There are so many amazing reasons to incorporate sauna bathing into your lifestyle…and they all revolve around boosting your health and improving your life. Let us show you Finnleo’s amazing saunas in person. They come in an array of sizes and styles to fit every person’s home and budget. We’ll help you find the perfect Finnleo for your needs!