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How Long Does It Take to Get a Custom-Cut Sauna?

Have you been dreaming of owning a custom-cut sauna that’s all your own? The expert consultants at Maximum Comfort are here to help make those dreams come true! While ordering a pre-configured sauna kit would only take a few days to ship to you, ordering a custom-cut sauna will, of course, take a little longer. We have good news, though. It shouldn’t take as long as you think! You could have your custom-cut sauna sent to you in just three to six weeks.

Is a custom-cut sauna worth the wait? We believe it absolutely is.

Choose the Interior of Your Custom-Cut Sauna

Maximum Comfort knows that having the design style of your home flow seamlessly is crucial to making your home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That is why we love helping you to create your custom-cut sauna. It allows you to choose what the interior will look like when it is finished. There are four different styles to choose from to make your sauna feel like your very own.

Choose the Wood Used to Create Your Custom-Cut Sauna

In addition to choosing what the interior will look like, you can also choose the exterior. With Nordic White Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Canadian Hemlock with Taika and Abachi to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect complement to the interior you already picked. This will continue to flow of décor in your home to make things perfect. 

Choose the Backrest Design

You can also choose the backrest design. We offer options of 2,3, or 6 bars in straight or curved designs. This will allow you to have a custom support for your back when your sauna is complete. Imagine relaxing there at the end of a long and taxing day.

Choose the Door of Your Custom-Cut Sauna

The next choice you make is the door. While an all-glass entry comes standard on our saunas, you can also opt for a full Douglas Fir door or to have etched glass installed. You could also choose how large the door will be. Should it make a statement or be more subdued? You tell us what you want!

Choose the Size!

The most important thing about a custom-cut sauna is that you choose the size of the sauna. There are various sizes available, but we can also measure to fit a specific space or area that you are looking to put your sauna in. This is especially helpful if you have a tricky space you are using.  We can even consult with contractors to problem-solve before ordering so that you know when it arrives, it will be perfect. 

Maximum Comfort is here to help you make your home as perfect, comfortable, and enjoyable as you want. We are Vail’s leisure and recreation specialists. Whatever your home needs to help you relax and unwind, we can help you to achieve that. From custom-cut saunas to hot tubs, swim spas, and exercise equipment, we are here to help you enjoy life to the fullest.